Beyblade Giveaway: B-203 Ultimate Fusion DX Set

I'm most looking forward to is the fusion gimmick. I hope it will be good to use in tournaments.
This entire set is really cool, everything is sick in it. Both Helios and Hyperion are really cool, and Belial3 is really sick. I'd be excited to get this.
Definitely most hype about bearing drift
Out of all parts in the set, the blades, by the names of Super and King, which enables for much versatility due to their metal and rubber divisional portions, are the parts that strikes most interest in me. The fact that both of them are left-spin and right-spin counterparts of one another renders flexibility in combination, to moreover know that they have metal and rubber versions.

Being left-spin and right-spins counterparts means that both can already get mix-matched, but in which the blades are able to spin in the opposite directions of their originally given guidance, a major step up to customizing symmetric beyblades for both aesthetic and performant purposes. I could most probably spin one of the King parts clock-wise to use it somewhat like a scythe, and vise-versa.

For the part materials, metal is one major aspect in it. The fact that it's such given material enable for weight, which gives power to any attacks it sends with extra enforceable impact, which I would find it to be similar in style with Guilty where it focuses its weight on two sides. What's more is that I could use the armor 2 in combination with M parts to give it even more focused weight distribution.

Its counterpart, rubber, is one I really feel like there is many choices of play styles with it, one which I can already imagine is to use it for some alternate solution to Vanish, essentially stealing spins from any opponents that spin in its opposite direction. Such method could be an interesting use as one could essentially make a "spin-steal deck" for fun, though obviously not recommended.

So all in all, the part I have the most hope on is the Super and King blades, they seem quite amusing and would be great to try out any combinations involving them. I could probably build some interesting attack types that use the metal parts and some spin-steal stamina types to level up the game, where this could also technically introduce a right-spin bey that steals spins from opposing left-spin beys.
Im most excited for King R so if i win 1 set at least i can spend half the initial amount to form King R. another A Tier right-spin attack layer in my disposal is always nice.

Bearing Drift is (unfortunately) something i need to get too.
My favorite part from this set would be Super Hyperion which I believe having both of the rubber pieces on both sides would help for attacks.
I really want h gear looks pretty cool
I am quite curious how well Super R in left and King R in right could potentially work for attack, using a higher recoil leading edge in those spins
Looking forward to the drivers
I am most excited for bearing drift! I’ve been itching to test it out!
ggez no reeee
I'm most excited for the Fuse gimmick. I've always thought Helios and Hyperion were pretty sweett and now they can both be one!? Super crazy stuff.
My favorite part is the BD drift driver. Its got lots of spin.
(Oct. 10, 2022  3:09 PM)lulaw28 Wrote: I really want h gear looks pretty cool

I also want because of the gear. I was think the gold divine is cool.
I would look for the M and R blades. I need this.
(Oct. 08, 2022  6:36 PM)Kei Wrote: [Image: i8ab7jA.png]

To celebrate the launch of our partnership with Beyblade Premier–our new official USA sponsor–we are giving away a B-203 Ultimate Fusion DX Set!

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I really like helios. I love blue and I love it's splitting gimic. Its dual rubber reminds me of Joker in a way. I'm super hyped for it.
I'm most excited for the Bearing Drift part.
I'm not a huge fan of stamina, but it will be fun to use regardless.

I'm not excited for Belial 3, though. I don't want a stronger burst lock, that sounds like it's going to get jammed...
Definitely bearing drift, or the launcher is really cool too lol
I'm excited for the gimmick these two have, and how it will interact with making combos.
I am interested in Helios new driver since it is very similar to the Rubber Sharp of Metal Fight generation.
Nice! I'm excited for that Bearing Drift tip on that sweet Belial!
im exited for hyperion helios, drift driver, divine belial core, the drivers and the launcher
To be honest I'm really excited for the drivers they look like even more interesting than zone and xceed
I love the new drivers because they have gimmicks.
I love the layers and the bright Colors red gold and blue.