Beyblade Collection

Oh. Ha. I'll get pictures in later.
Wow nice plastics collections. I'm jealous. That's a lot of money right there
(Sep. 05, 2015  10:39 PM)Bladerguy2 Wrote: On amazon they're only 20$. I think. I might got one. But in thinking about replacing instead of that

My whole collection view then attack and defense shelves. That's my stamina and balance collextion. And my launchers and tools are behind the second shelf of balance.

And other shelves with little things that aren't actually tops. Excluding a few metal wheels. My pencil cup of ripcords is there too. Grin

Do these links work? I have to use these because if I try to insert a picture it crashes. So are these working? I have to take them again with my username because I forgot last time.
You have to sign in to your Google account to view them. So I haven't even gotten past that
Alright. How should I go about posting them?
I upload them to and then I just copy and paste the link and code for forums that they give me after I upload it. Then I put it in a spoiler so people don't have to look at it if they don't want to, in case it makes their device lag
Attack BalanceDefense Stamina Should be around 135 beys if I counted correct. And my parents refuse to let me buy myself anymore T.T but burst!!
[Image: 2db1fld.jpg]

I hope this works (I'm on my phone, my laptop is packed due to moving) but here is what's left of my collection, so much has been lost over the years...

Edit: oh, thanks, it seems to work now!
I can't see it. Try uploading it to a site like and then just copy and paste the forum code that they give you after you upload
Do our rip cords and launchers count as part of our collection or are those like the add-on behalf of the collection? Serious question, wanna show off my superior rip cord collection.
They wouldn't count towards the rose gold/platinum face if that is what you're implying. If you just mean in general, I'd say it'd be fine to post here!
It's getting bigger! Can't wait for the September releases, then it will be almost triple this size!
whoa, dude ... that's a lot of burst!
Colorful and organized. Very nice, well placed package all together!...Really want those boxes though.
Yeah they are awesome. Could use a little padding though. I might cut some up and put it in there
Nice burst collection Zoroaste!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy carp Zoro....
But why do you buy 3-4 of the exact same Bey?
Are you a pro player? Like joining in Lots of competitions and stuff?
No but I play everyday, for hours a day. And I am gonna start going to the New York and possibly Montreal tourneys. I mostly buy a bunch because I don't like not having extras, since they wear. As long as I have a few brand new ones to use at tourneys then I feel better about using the other ones just for practice.
I wish I had that many Beys and a cool carry case.
And the Legendary Amaterius.... God that one is so cool. And best of all? It seems like it's actually GOOD! Unlike poor Trident...
I see it's still in the bag too, I'd be reluctant practicing with it too
I stopped collecting a while ago, so no bursties.

Nothing special but enough for rose gold, i assume?

Excuse me sir, I'm going to have to confiscate your collection for, uh, research purposes.