Beyblade Burst (Manga)

How can it be character-driven yet reveal less, and less interesting things, about the characters. If people are really interested by casual and normal interactions with little intrigue, like in most normal lives, then I am not sure what we have come to.
I know that we will eventually get villains, and a dark plot, but probably not at least till the national tournament is over. Right now, the anime just finished the regional tournament a week ago. The national tournament will probably be maybe around 20ish episodes.
Does anyone know where to find the chapters with the new characters like Zach and kimedori kuon
Counting all the ones from Bessatsu as well, chapter 17 will release on August 15, and 18 will be released in Bessatsu on August 30. The way the tankobon is doing this is the bessatsu chapter is first, then the normal chapter. Ex; Chapter 12 (April 30 2016 Bessatsu) was made as Chapter 11 is tankobon, while Chapter 11 (April 14 2016) was made as chapter 12 in the tankobon.
If you're inquiring about chapters we've translated into English, we're up to chapter 4 and our translator is working on chapters 5 through 8. He's been busy with moving and other matters, so we've been giving him his space. I was just wondering myself when we might get a script for Chapter 5… I'll ask amtt about that next time I get a chance. I realize we're very far behind, we just keep getting stuck in the mud with the translation part of the pipeline, but the project is still going.
(Jul. 20, 2016  5:54 PM)BeybladeFanOff Wrote: The enemy of this serie is this guy [Image: 13730737_168289193576720_839200274_o.jpg...e=57917AAD]

I can't see the image:-(
How can I see it?☺
Does anyone know where I can find the chapter with zillion Zeus
Excuse me for the question, but can I know when the New Chapters Raw will upload? Joyful_3
Wow Thank you so much *-* Now missing only 3 new chapters to keep up with the new corocoro comic Joyful_3
Thanks ^^
BEYAWESOMECRACKTHANKMAZINGBEYHAHA!!! for new chapters!!!!!!! you are awesome DranzerX13!!
Siliva got his copy of October 2016 Bessatsu CoroCoro that has chapter 18 which is 16 pages.

Siliva: Valt is trapped in school and some grim reaper guy is telling him he can't leave.
So it's like some sorta haunted house.
Is their a way you can get chapters 15 16 17
Just waiting for Siliva to scan them. He has 15-18.
That's a good news Joyful_3 I can't wait too see the new chapters!! I hope to see them soon Joyful_3
I really would like see Zac *____* He is so cute <3 I love him <3
wOT. "HER"?

can I die now? Oh my god.
Haha, knew it was too good to be true. He must be Quad Quetz's owner, huh?

Zack looks cool.