BeyTest -- A Beyblade Testing App for Android (v1.0)

I downloaded this to my Nexus tablet. I haven't done any testing yet. But I will be able to soon! This will be perfect.
Is it possible to put 'Closing Remarks' when we do a test?
I've seen testers put it at the end.
my friend has a samsung galaxy tab 2,and I'm getting a BBG-04 today.
hope I'll be able to do some nice tests
Epic, expand beyblade even farther ^_^
GOOD JOB!I wish i had an android.can you make a .jar ver of this app?
Hmm,I agree with sayak.
A .jar version will be well appreciated to the non-smart-phone-user category.
I just downloaded the app thank ingulit I love it thanks
Amazingly done. It works perfect. No bugs or Glitches that i can find. Nicely done. Can't wait for more of your work.
Hopefully my xyboard starts working again. Anyway, great app, can't wait to get it!
Sorry to Necropost...

I love this app! It's so easy for me to record my testings, instead of writing it down on a piece of paper. Great job Ingulit!
I have a Android phone so this is awesome! Thanks to all the members who helped make this!
Nice! This app is simple and clean. Thanks!

Graphics could get a bit better, but overall, the app is useful!
I just got this app and it is great! Thanks for making it.
Could You also Try to get it For Windows 8 phone as well.
Lol could you make it for ios as well because I don't have android and all my devices are ios
I have iPod and iPad.
Finally got a chance to use this the other night on my Fire. Excellent app!

My only suggestion would be to give some kind of notification when the "Tie" button is hit. I kept tapping it because I thought nothing was happening, then ended up with a TON of "ties" once I hit the KO button for a Bey.
Hey Ingulit, think you could make a windows/linux version for us folks without androids? The linux version would probs be easiest since androids run off a variation of linux
He did say that he'll look into a .JAR version, I asked him through PM.

Don't push him too hard guys, he's busy as well ya know, ahahha.
I just tried this app! It works absolutely amazing! Here's an example:

Wyvang Dragooon BD145RDF vs. Mf-H Flash Orion GB145R2F
Dragooon always launched first.
Detail Results (Click to View)
Dragooon: 13 (9 OS, 4 KO)
Orion: 7 (0 OS, 7 KO)
Dragooon Win %: 65.0%

It works extremely well! Grin
Looks like a good app. I just downloaded it!
Yes I have an Android yay but I think all my data in my storage us used up! Its a shame really I have trouble doing test matches!
This application is waaay useful; so far its saved me a lot of time and energy. So thanks for sharing it with us!
please make more apps it's just awsome!
Ok, seeing the number of requests to port it to iOS, I can try.. but it may take some time since I don't have any Apple device Tongue_out
Make sure you get @[Ingulit]'s permission first Smile