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Country: Registration Date: Nov. 04, 2012 Birthday: Nov. 19, 2001 (22 years old)

I am a blader full of experience I have been blading since 2011 first I thought beyblade was cool but then when Call Of Duty Black Ops came out I thought it got stupid but then one day I saw Pegasus shine out of the sky I was so excited that I got Pegasus back I am just kidding. but then I saw some beyblade vids and then I watched a itris 2 vid and thanks to him I am back to beyblade !!! Goals: -At least have one top tier beyblade - Get the orange face (I am talking about the WBO not actual beyblade) -Win in at least one tournament AND A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME ( KAI-V,BOBMCDOOGAL,THUNDERDOME,WOMBAT,Vixxterity,AND TO ALL THE OTHER MEMBERS) THANK YOU

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