Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising (Manga)

Hi .... I'm just a newbie here and as I observed from the previous posts , this thread has volunteere to translate and share the latest beyblade mang, right?
I'm curious to know what's the latest chapter and where to find it.
(Jun. 05, 2019  3:51 PM)blacklotus Wrote: Hi! Takao Aoki added a new image (it's about Ayaka)
Time out....what's that one of the shadow bladers from the movie? They're actually going to be in the manga? That's pretty awesome.
(Jul. 07, 2019  1:57 AM)blacklotus Wrote: Hi! Takao Aoki uploaded new image in his gallery!
 Its been a while I saw them. The last time they were in V force using Cyber bitbeasts..... damn I gotta say I missed ken a lot. If I got the name correctly😅😅😅
That looks awesome! Cant wait for a translation!
Kai came back out of nowhere but has a very bleak role...

The new Metal Fight Beyblade chapter was a breath of fresh air. I am definitely more motivated by it, Adachi Takafumi's style is so godlike. However, the truth is that I have no time for these anymore. Plus, legal-wise, I would prefer providing a translation of the script exclusively, not full scans. I am currently rushing through a cosplay project and would likely not have time for that soon at all.