Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising (Manga)

(Jan. 14, 2019  4:02 AM)Kai-V Wrote:
Note: I could not remember which official spelling of Rai/Lai I had unearthed, so this is stuck with "Rai" because there are no Ls in Japanese.

It was obvious, working on this, that I hold no interest in producing perfect edits anymore... This is not worth so much time. Hopefully you can enjoy it regardless.

Thanks you Kai-V!!!

I noticed it late, but Takao Aoki added a new image

I joined to thank for all the work put into these translations - I'm enjoying them immensely, but I also have a request. I'm interested in knowing what the original kanji/furigana/hiragana/katakana/what-have-you for the new characters and tech are. I've been able to find/deduce/guess some, and would like to know the rest + check if what I have is correct.
  • Misaki (Hiwatari) - [?] (火渡)
  • Mutsuki Kagami - 睦月 鏡
  • Yōichi Kagami - 陽一 鏡
  • Rina Umihara - [?] 海[?]
  • Irina Golubeva - イリナ ゴルベワ
  • Johan - ヨハン
  • Kenneth - ケンネト
  • Hana - [?]
  • Bloody Moon - ブラッディ ムーン
  • Chimera - キメラ
  • Fringe - フリンジ
  • Oslo Gutter - オスロ グッテル
Thanks in advance.