[Answered]  Takara Tomy, Should I get Bearing or Xtend+ ?

I'm on a budget, I can't get both, I own Hell Salamander, Archer Hercules, and Perfect Phoenix, if that helps. 
The Xtend+ will cost more but that's fine I just can't afford to get both it and Bearing.
Xtend+ has a much stronger spring. It also has the ability to switch modes even though you generally want to keep it on stamina.
If you get Xt+ then pP 10 Xt+ is good
(Apr. 25, 2019  8:50 AM)DragonicMeister Wrote: $30 dollar budget?

Around that yes
bearing has good stamina but makes the bey burst A LOT!

Xtend+ has a strong spring and has three models including stamina. Soooo... Xtend+
Xtend+ then. You can get the Wolborg stock around $11 so that can wait. But Xtend+ is a must have at all cost for pP and/or hS.