ARTISTS NEEDED! Beyblade: Battle Royale. Fan manga

(Jul. 02, 2019  9:16 PM)BoogietheBlader Wrote:
(Jun. 30, 2019  3:29 AM)CheetoBlader Wrote: Who’s my partner?

(Jul. 13, 2019  11:30 PM)StrikeDevotion Wrote: hi can i join?

i want to suggest a bey

No more get suggestions. Sorry
hey boogietheblader if you can could you add a character named jaydon plz
(Jul. 14, 2019  5:04 PM)jaykazebeys Wrote: hey boogietheblader if you can could you add a character named jaydon plz

We aren’t accepting any more suggestions, sorry.
or if you make a second one could i be in it with the name kasai it mean fire in japanese
Hey, I am a pro Artist , I can work for you guys.
I would try to help but the only thing I'm good at is writing and you've already got like a million writers.
I am a beytuber and a YouTuber plus I have lots of beyblade experience and I make custom beys for a living

Also you guys should make a discord
Okaaaaay, that's enough. I've removed 60~ posts in hopes of quelling the drama here, so let's end things here.

I don't know what's going on here, but please solve your situation in private amongst yourselves. The world doesn't need to know. If you don't want to speak to someone, block them to avoid it. If not, talk it out and find an agreement, even if it's to agree to avoid each other.

Back on topic please.
This is kinda spam, but yay the thread’s open
Do to “creative differences” (boogie refusing to let me work in the discord) I am leaving this project and taking all my creations with me. That means they lose their main villain and two of the chapters.