9th Anniversary BeyLotto: Win a God Customize Set, Spriggan Requiem, and More!

Hope I at least get something. Can't get 1st 2nd or 3rd because I don't have a blader passport. Whatever.
I guess I'm automatically participating
Awesome... Happy 9th Anniversary
Alright, let's try to win!
Happy 9th anniversary, WBO!
Esgeddit (if my passport expires before the end of the lotto will i still be eligible for the top three prizes?)
This year was an awesome year for Beyblade. Can't wait what the next year will bring. Good luck everyone! Grin
Happy 9th anniversary, WBO! Here's hoping for another good year for beyblading.
quick question:- Can we do extra entry things multiple time?

Good Beyluck to All!
This is most amazing stuff. Wbo just rocks.
Happy Anniversary! I'm glad to be here Smile
WBO surprises us once again. Way to go!!
This is just great . Like soo many awesome prizes
Glad to take part of this celebration. Happy anniversary WBO.
Oh heck good luck to all
I've been apart of the WBO for a bit now (I think over a year on this account, and longer on forgotten accounts back when MFB was still a thing), and may I say, this is a community ALL bladers should be a part of! Yall' have yet another great year! 2018 must be big! But seriously someone needs to post some more MFB tournaments...

happy anniversary wubo!!
(Dec. 05, 2017  11:18 AM)FIREFIRE CPB Wrote: quick question:- Can we do extra entry things multiple time?

Just added clarification:

Kei Wrote:Earn Extra Entries
For social media this means that you can earn a maximum of 4 extra entries via that method.
This is one wild beylotto. You guys really are going all out.
(Dec. 04, 2017  11:33 PM)NEET no Kami Wrote: winner winner chicken dinner

winner winner fidget spinner
Happy Anniversary WBO. I wont be participating in the anniversary this year.
A few years ago we had a celebration for 85,000 members and today the community is grown so high, all around the globe
Happy 9th anniversary. Good luck to all and to all a good life!