8th Anniversary: Welcome to the new worldbeyblade.org

(Feb. 09, 2017  7:15 PM)a1 Wrote: Want beyblade burst

Well go to the bey marketplace forum
(Feb. 09, 2017  7:15 PM)a1 Wrote: Want beyblade burst

(Feb. 09, 2017  4:39 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Well, the option is technically activated, but for some reason it is not showing up at all in User Control Panel...

Thanks Kai-V for helping me change my username Grin
(Feb. 09, 2017  4:39 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Well, the option is technically activated, but for some reason it is not showing up at all in User Control Panel...

So how would we change our usernames then? (To be specific, I only wanna drop the "-X" part of my username.)
Basically the only way is to contact a Committee Member and ask them to do it manually, but obviously this should not be done by everyone and it should only be once per person per many months, otherwise it will be too bothersome compared to everything else we already have to do.
Changing usernames also makes processing tournaments more difficult, so keep that in mind. Pick a username that will last. I've never changed mine.
(Dec. 14, 2016  6:15 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: For our seventh anniversary, we changed our logo. For our eighth, we changed everything else to match.

We’re not just unveiling a radical mobile-responsive redesign of our site, or just launching new tournament formats and resources for players and organizers, or just giving away/making you fight for tons of rare Beyblade gear.

(Although we are doing all of those things.)

We’re also building a WBO for bladers who haven’t yet launched their first bey. For fans who are going to watch the new anime and fall in love with the idea of a world where they can go to tournaments, meet rivals and fight intense battles.

That desire was what drove me to create the WBO in the first place, and it's what drove us to undertake this ambitious relaunch. While working with Takafumi on our new characters (cool, huh?), he said to me: “Beyblade... and another hobby toys are the best tool of peace and smile of all peoples, I believe.” 

Unfortunately, it's impossible to not mention that we were down for a very long time, and some parts of the site are still buggy or unfinished. Battles and awards will be back on your profiles soon, promise! In the meantime, please enjoy the giant bio space where you can write anything you want and link to as much stuff as you want. Smile I really appreciate your patience as we continue polishing out the rough edges.

But this isn't the finish line for us; it's just the start. You won't be waiting eight years to see big improvements. Actually, you won't even be waiting eight weeks! The whole purpose of this redesign was to give us a platform we could easily, rapidly build upon in the future.

Welcome to the new WBO.

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To the peace and smiles of all bladers,

– Bey Brad hey I'm new here, I just added this "WBO" on my name on my YouTube channel is it okay ?
Quote:hey I'm new here, I just added this "WBO" on my name on my YouTube channel is it okay ?

Absolutely it is great, but you should always make sure to represent us well, of course.
Beyblade is the best, I don't know what I'd do without beyblade.
I like the G series the best
Merci pour tout !
(Dec. 14, 2016  6:38 PM)BeyGa Wrote: I can't imagine how much work y had to make all this happen! This is... well, I'm speechless, really. The site is beautiful, the mobile responsive is what everybody needed and everything is so cool! Congratulations, guys! I'm really happy to see all these changes and the waiting was totally worth!

I'm so excited now & i've to get my first bey. Its gonna be either Diablo Nemesis or L drago destroy.