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Buy and sell Beyblades! Be sure to read the rules of this section.
Bey Marketplace - Forum Rules
  • When making deals with other WBO members, please remember to use caution. The WBO is not responsible for the outcomes of exchanges that occur in this forum.
  • If you're looking for places to buy Beyblades, please read the threads labeled as important in this forum. Do not make more topics to ask where to buy Beyblades.
  • If you want to know what you should buy, ask in the Purchase Consultation thread.
  • If your thread is dedicated specifically to buying or selling, please choose the "Buying" or "Selling" thread prefix when creating it.
  • All sellers must post photos of their items with a visible copy of their username written/printed on a piece of paper to verify that they possess the item they are selling. Threads which do not have this will be closed.
  • If you'd like to view threads assigned the "Buying" or "Selling" prefix specifically, you can sort the forum using the sort functionality at the bottom of this page.
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