which launcher do you use?

Funny story Hasbro launchers are better than Standard TT launchers and give more power AND DON'T BREAK. I use the SlingShock and the Switchstrike ones as well as the White and blue L string launcher from tt
I use the master diabolos lr launcher on a launcher grip with the metal weight grips. Keeps the launcher balanced with heavy beys. Still need a weight damper tho.
Thise standard TT launchers are called proto launchers and they are trash. But every other launcher from TT imo > Hasbro.
Still using either Long Light Launchers or Long String Launchers based on my personal preference at the time and the weight of the bey.

I've heard the new Sparking launchers are good though, so I might start using those.
My launcher use depends on what i need on the day of recording for my channel 😄 but now days i use my multi grip launcher that has two basic stringers on it. It will change once i get three sparking launchers