[illinois] Team Storm Surge (old Star Gazers)

Poll: Should We Have a New Name

Total: 100% 5 vote(s)
any room for one more
*im from newyork but i hope you can make a exception
name :superiorblader
location:buffulo new york
best bey combo:diablo kerbecs bd wb
why do i want to join:i see great bladers with potental bonded because they all have 1 goal to be #1
i like the beyblade spirit and i want to be apart of that
It says Illinois for a reason...this team is only for bladers in Illinois.
i would be happy for u too be on my team, but u dont live in illinois. there would be no point. i will help u though, u can join a team near ur area so when there is a tournament u can hang out with ur team.
(Jan. 25, 2013  1:19 AM)earthkerbecs123 Wrote: does anyone still like beyblade?

I though you would never ask. yah. me and the rest of team inferrnoblaze
Hey, i am just suggesting that it would be better if we had an alliance. Mainly because you can have combinations from me and we don't have to bash heads at every tournament. All I ask is you take this into consideration. Thank you

Ps I am on team RenagadeZ (old team infernobladerz)
If you are looking for Illinois tourneys, go the Calling all Illinois bladers thread.