how much money have you spent on blades

I'd estimate I have put more money in buying Beys using almost half my salary for more than a year now (just returned with Burst series already at Dual Layers released in malls)

Probably around USD2000 in truncated value (I live in the Philippines) and counting...
Probably in total of my own money $500. I don't spend all my money on Beyblades. I like to buy retro consoles and games
So much. I spent almost 500 within the last 4 weeks.
Probably around 700 dollars USD
Let me put it this way, i have over 260 complete Burst beys, both Hasbro and Takara-Tomy. Some of these include rare purchases like the black Ωrichalcum, Shadow Ωrichalcum, Duo αrtemis and Duo αpollo, Holy Knight God Valkyrie, blue Wolborg, and Shining αmaterios.3.Ds' with the Switch game. That's just Burst, and doesn't include the 3 complete RLCs I've purchased that aren't "complete beys". I also have a collection of Metal Saga beys (~150 I'd hazard, although its hard to tell because so many have broken parts) and a smattering of Plastic and HMS beys too (~30?).

I don't know how much that adds up to, but it's a whole lot.
over 7 year and probably $80

but I plan to spend more
I've definitely spent somewhere in the $700-$1000 range.
wow insparation
oof I lost track been collecting ever since the old gen than metal saga and now burst including rare beys. so i got no idea by now I stop counting. it will pain you too know LOL