future beyblade names

The track and tip should be all in one as a 4D bottom, like M145 and Q should have (despite being introduced season 1). Restricting tips to one track due to proper function, and vice-versa is in that territory and should stay. Not that it matters now....


It's interesting, but the results could cause confusion due to limitations imposed by height.
Well, no, because it could work with WB or WD, but XWD would be even more defensive, and a 245WD/WB couldn't hold the balance. I'm talking with asymmetrical, unevenly weighted beys, like what the ZGS will bring. Now say Twisted Leone 245WD could work, but Shinobi Ifraid 245WD couldn't, because of that gem adding weight to one side, creating unstable conditions for taller beys. Now if it were Pirate Salamander 85XF, then the added weight wouldn't do to much damage stamina wise, as the bey is short and moving fast, it will add centrifugal force to make it spin faster, while that same force will make a staying put bey wobble.
Also, I'm not saying it HAS to have XWD to work, it would just preform better. Actually, we need to re-think Beyblade with these Zero-G stadiums.
Lancer Tengri?

Lancer typically being some sort of mounted unit and Tengri being a Turkic mythological figure.
@ Fluke: good idea.
@ mayaman2: you should not quote your own things, in my opinion, just to get regonition.
I wasn't posting for recognition! I was simply pointing out that I had an idea no one responded to! Immortal Sasquatch 245XWD FTW! But seriously..... Fluke that is an awesome idea.
yeah, i definitly like Fluke's idea
Yeah, I like the name Lancer too! Sounds a lot like Cancer though lol! XD
yeah, but it means something completly different, it would be cool if they used some of these names :L
I would definetly buy a bey called Atomic Devil, just sounds really cool, its face bolt would be the devil's fork and it would have rxf (rubber extreme flat) and it's spin track would have 3 'blades' coming out of it that were wide enough to provide smash attack and they would be made out of rubber
We need warrior types in your ideas...... Not random elements or alignments.

Crusader Garuda WD145C(ircle)S

Oh sorry, then maybe attila could be the metal wheel and the hun could be the cw, a bit cheesy but could sound good wheny you change around the metal wheels and cws
actually , i like apple1075's idea, it would be quite good for an 'evil' bey.
Guard Demon METAL DISC 125 Circle Ball
(Guard Demon MD125CB)
that would be crazy, i guess a guard is a defensive fusion wheel and it refers to someone who guards something and then a demon is mythological ! ! good idea overall
What would MD125 and CB do?
Bobmcdoogal was onto something with an all-plastic variation of R2F, we just need a proper name.

Hero Pegasus ERD145AF (Eternal Rubber Defense 145 Aggressive Flat- being a plastic version of R2F)

I bet you could deduct such a design from here.

For those who didn't like Flash Sagittario, here.

Liberator Minotaur EA145W2D (Eternal Attack 145 Wave-Wide Defense)

Liberators were infamous for assassinating Julius Caeser. Eternal Attack is like a Triple version of WA130. Reminiscent of C145.
@Codeine Extorts:
true, i guess...
That doesn't make any sense! None by the name of bobmcdoogal is on this thread.... but anyway, is ERD145 a marriage of R145 and ED145? And WA130 is *technically* a Defense track. BUT; if EA145 existed, maybe to make it better, maybe a free-spinning ring with the claws from C145 on it would be cool... like a WA130 with circles on the end holding same sized claws, but 3 of them..... moving like on C145... would be epic. Will draw picture of it for the basic idea.
It was from a different thread. Give me a break.
"Sky Griffion" would be a neat name because it goes along with the other names that have been released because it is based on a mythical beast/person.
I am pretty sure Griffion is the flying...something. I do not really know but correct me.
a griffon is a cross between an eagle and a lion, i think so atleast...
There is probably already a griffon Beyblade scheduled for release by TAKARA-TOMY, we are just not certain on the translation, and Sky has nothing to do with warriors or people or whatever.
(Mar. 07, 2012  6:37 PM)Kai-V Wrote: There is probably already a griffon Beyblade scheduled for release by TAKARA-TOMY, we are just not certain on the translation, and Sky has nothing to do with warriors or people or whatever.

The 'sky' part is true, but then if your not certain about the translation, how do you know it's a griffon?
Because otherwise it is "Glyph", a symbol, which makes no sense, so it is much more likely to be "Griff" or whatever other spelling in relation to a griffon.
Fair enough, so griffon's off the list ...