favourite anime character of all time

Its gotta be Piccolo because hes green hes mean and he KICKS carp!!!

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Mine is Kai from Beyblade, probably my favourite character from anything ever as well.

Even though it's far off Kai, my second favourite would have to be either Haruhi or Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. There are a number of other characters I admire though.
L from Death Note. The man was a genius, and to me one of the coolest characters in one of the best animes in a long time.

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Ban Mido. Loved him the second I started reading GetBackers.

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Probably lee from beyblade but King Kai was damn funny and awesome.
Spike Spiegel, Hyuuga Neji or Nana Osaki.

[yes, I like Naruto Shippuuden, suck my carp]
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Shin'ichi Kudou / Conan Edogawa

<3 Detective Conan.

detective conan would've been way better without the AHHH I'M A KID nonsense

how about a show where the dude is a detective and solves crimes because he is a detective

how about that

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Thank you, Brad, I carp lol'd.

Not picking one, lawl.

Ichigo Kurosaki(BLEACH)
Rukia Kuchiki(BLEACH)
Haruko Haruhara(FLCL)
Max Tate/Mizuhara(Beyblade)
Krillin/Kuririn(Dragon Ball)
Kanta Mizune(?)(Desert Punk)
Kosuna/Taiko Izumi(Desert Punk)
Impmon/Beelzemon(Digimon Tamers)
Rose Anderson(SoltyRei)

Lawl, tempted to put some Digimon kids and Majin Buu from DBZ, but I guess I don't like them quiiite as much as those people.
i forgot to put mine i have a few kyo from fruits backet
sai from naruto
sauigtesu from naruto
ishida from bleach and
hitsugaya from bleach
how could you make me choose?!?!?!?!!!

arghh... maybe... Onizuka (re - Great Teacher Onizuka)
Nicholas ("Chapel") D. Wolfwood - Trigun

Takumi Fujiwara, Bunta Fujiwara, and Itsuki - Initial D
bugturtles Wrote:Takumi Fujiwara, Bunta Fujiwara, - Initial D

didn't even think of these guys good choice
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Artie Wrote:was hikaru no go really that good?

best manga ever

me and my bro loved that show. its too short though. we got so into the game we bought a 100 board and stones from samarkand.net. its in shonen jump.
My all time favourite is Sailor V from, Codename: Sailor V or basically Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon, though I prefer Sailor V's outfit =P I just love her overall character.

Asuka from Evangelion
Urumi Kanzaki from GTO
Reno from FFVII (A game character/animated character/same thing blah blah =P)
Tamer Brad Wrote:[Image: ken.jpg]

What's hilarious is how alike Ichijouji and Ishida from Bleach look. They even have the same dub voice actor, Derek Stephen Prince. Ichijouji's JPVA, Romi Paku, also happens to have done Hitsugaya, as well as Edward Elric and a few other cool characters. XD

Hmm... favorite character? That's a hard one. There have been so many epic characters I've loved to watch. Ishida's on that list for sure. Ichijouji too; he had the best plotline of any individual Digimon character. Kazuki from Buso Renkin, for being one of the most passionate fighters I've seen, not to mention his awesome fighting style. L from Death Note for obvious reasons... Kai Hiwatari from Beyblade, whose 2002 "phoenix" look gave me some inspiration, not to mention how badass he got in G-Revolution. Ovan from .hack//Roots; he was one of the most ominous "villains" I've ever seen. I always did take a liking to villains who did what they believed was the right thing, like Scar from FMA or Mitsuru from Brave Story.

Meh, those are all I can think of for now. Tongue_out
Dude, Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach is a total badass. He can pwown any anime character in existince with his zangetsu.
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Hiruma from Eyeshield 21

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(Mar. 08, 2009  5:48 PM)Roan Wrote: LMAOOOO WHAT THE HELL
The only thing that got me through Eyeshield half way. That's a feat for such a uninteresting series!
I carping hate Eyeshield, what a bullshitty football manga with no redeeming qualities.

Oh fave anime character?

Metabee from Medabots
Possibly Goku from the DragonBall trillogy
Maybe even Luffy from One Piece
Or Haru Glory from Rave Master
Or Gintoki from Gintama
Hell maybe Optimus Prime?
Yusuke Urameshi.
those two!
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Awwwwww......cute picture.
Possibly dumb question - what are they from? I think I saw the original manga the other day. Confused
(Mar. 10, 2009  8:35 PM)Rocky Wrote: Awwwwww......cute picture.
Possibly dumb question - what are they from? I think I saw the original manga the other day. Confused

Mini4(yon)ku. I think...