favourite anime character of all time

those Royal Knights from Digimon Savers. they look awesome.

i also like all of characters from Dragon Ball Z
Sena Kobayakawa from eyeshield 21 and Sho Kazamatsuri from whistle
my favorite anime character is Goku
from Dragon Ball Z.
He was just bad a** I think he would beat Superman
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Rosette Christopher (The manga version only) from Chrno Crusade. She just this one girl that stands out from all the other characters that I have come to know and like. First off she's ordinary but goes to extraordinary lengths to get her brother back who got kidnapped by a demon, even as far as making a contract with a demon where it shortens her life. And her personality is so up beat (I think thats the best way to describe her) that I can't help but see her as my all time favorite character.
Goku Grin Easily the greatest EVER! Grin
Conan/Jimmy from Detective Conan
Ray and Mariah from Beyblade
Rukia from Bleach
Kazuma from Kaze no Stigma
and Sora and Kari from Digimon Smile
kyoya,tyson,sonic the hedeghog(you never said human ^-^),gaara and ichigo a tie between them
This is the most obvious thing anyone can ask.
[Image: vlcsnap-6039769.jpg]
Yes, that's right, he just took control of God! Tongue_out
Who is he, you ask?
[Image: Lelouch1.jpg]

Lelouch Lamperouge.

I can't believe only one person in this topic said him.

And they didn't even spell his name right. Crying
There's no doubt that it's Kai Hiwatari.

I've always had something for the characters that were aloof and had this loner attitude about them, so of course he instantly was my favorite in the series when I first saw him. Over time, however, I noticed that he's probably my most favorite character ever and this thinking hasn't changed. Smile He has been my favorite since elementary school, so he's not only important because of his character, design and story ( which I love! ) but also because of the nostalgia and all the memories that come along with it! ^^

Other favorites of mine, though far off from Kai, are:
Tiger from Monster Rancher, Seto Kaiba from Yu-gi-oh!, Yami Bakura from Yu-gi-oh!, Beelzebumon from Digimon, Portgas D. Ace from One Piece, Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha ...
... So... Who's that? '_'
either kakashi sensei from naruto! too bad he was killed off... or possibly imperialdramon paladin mode from the digimon movie 4 which is epic but yea my fave is kakashi! just the sharingan and the water dragons...
Mine would be Gin Ichimaru.

Just so charming. He smiles all the time. He's so polite and lively.

Sure, he's a jerk sometimes, but mainly just to Rukia. Must be a Rukia Fanboy, much like me, which makes him even nicer Joyful_3

Plus, his powers are pretty cool.

Of course, there are many other cool characters, but none are as lovely as Gin Joyful_3
Mine is Sasuke from Naruto! He is so cool with his sharingan.
Lelouch. Do some research.
Vegeta from DBZ is #1.
Honorable mentions: Shikamaru Nara from Naruto, Pell from One Piece, and Koichi Kimura from Digimon Frontier (mainly because I like the design of Löwemon)
Galantmon/Dukemon from Digimon Tamers.
He was just too cool. Nuff' said.
Either Bo-Bo-Bo from Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo, or Delgato from Batlle B-dman.
Kamina, the man who epitomizes manliness. [Image: GAR_libruh.png]
i cant choose son Goku , Monkey .D. Luffy , Kenpatchi Zaracki , and , Rock lee
Totoro. Cute He's so cute!
man its all about the yellow Flash from Naruto. rawest dude ever. then it wud be Lelouch
For me its a tie between edward elric (fma) or niche (tegami bachi).
They`re both just so funny, cool,etc. (i could go on all day.)
Kiba from Wolf's Rain. I love his determination. He pushes & pushes to go to paradise until the end. Even though Black Star is not really one of my favs from Soul Eater, his crazy drive to do anything & overconfidence makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside, lol. It's inspirational.