brave valkyries! all from U.S.

whats this?
(Nov. 17, 2020  5:23 PM)sushiroll123 Wrote: whats this?

lol all of us said that
if yes then ill join its better than being in SpryzenLightnings for me
Lol im in the lightstrike libra's
(Nov. 17, 2020  5:25 PM)sushiroll123 Wrote: Lol im in the lightstrike libra's

(Nov. 17, 2020  5:25 PM)EarthHelios Wrote: Im in no ones team

even cooler
what is that name tho XD
Ok a team doesnt sound to bad but I dont know what this is for
(Nov. 17, 2020  5:26 PM)The Blacknight Wrote: ANOTHER RIPOFF?

plz change the name like to Volcano Genesis or The Brave Gods or even Brave Genesis or Magma Gods