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Full Version: brave valkyries! all from U.S.
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welcome to brave valtriak
what is this?
Whats this?
a team i gusss

whats this?
(Nov. 17, 2020  5:23 PM)sushiroll123 Wrote: [ -> ]whats this?

lol all of us said that
if yes then ill join its better than being in SpryzenLightnings for me
sigh not again you found out
addddd me please
Lol im in the lightstrike libra's
Genese Valt?
(Nov. 17, 2020  5:25 PM)sushiroll123 Wrote: [ -> ]Lol im in the lightstrike libra's

Im in no ones team
yes it is a team
(Nov. 17, 2020  5:25 PM)EarthHelios Wrote: [ -> ]Im in no ones team

even cooler
what is that name tho XD
Ok a team doesnt sound to bad but I dont know what this is for
(Nov. 17, 2020  5:26 PM)The Blacknight Wrote: [ -> ]ANOTHER RIPOFF?

be back at 2:00 est
lol the name tho
how is this a rip off
Honestly I have no idea
plz change the name like to Volcano Genesis or The Brave Gods or even Brave Genesis or Magma Gods
You shouldcall the team Genesis Valkyrie
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