beyblade nicknames

I call my Lightning L Drago Draco for short! Influenced by Pokemon, you know! My special move with Draco is Draco Meteor! I think it would make more sense if I used this name and special move for Meteo L Drago.
I call my Thermal PegasusT125RF Psycho Killer only some will get the joke here.
(Jun. 11, 2011  4:03 PM)scipio132 Wrote: I call my Thermal PegasusT125RF Psycho Killer only some will get the joke here.

there is no joke...
I call my MF-H Basalt Byxis 230DS: Dizzy Tower, cause it twists and turns on its own but still maintaining its pefect balance.
I call my earth eagle sharp eyes.
I call may burn pegasus w105b yakaru, just as a fusion between the names for dark and light in japanese. Just my preference, how i would like my bet spirit to be.
NEMISIS and RUNE. are always what i call my blades.

that and with anubis i just call it COYOTE! or YOTEI because a anubis is a jackal but there are no black jackals, a coyote is a NM jackal but there are black coyotes and so happens to be my most loved animal and its coloration. WHALA!!!! its a YOTE mutt!!!

ok see now im just being weird! =D
if you look at my sig you'll see my beys nicknames
I have 2 friends that say funny names for their beys. One of them calls Phantom Orion ''Phantom Moria'', and the other calls all Pegasus, Aries, and Capricorn beys ''The Rams''. IDK lol
My little brother (3 years old) uses Phantom Orion and he calls it Phantom Brian??Uncertain when he's battling he says “go fire!” LOLXDXDXD
I'm going to call my Diablo Cygnus BGrin: The Devil's Swan of Infinity
Duo Uranus ( if I ever get it ): The Cyclone King of Tornadoes
My Thermal Libra ED145F: Equilibrium
My Basalt Aquario AD145WD: Uneven Hurricane
My Phoenix Ifraid W145GCF: Conflagration of Hell
that judge of the dead sounds awesome so does the merman bey

look at my sig to see my nicknames pm me if you want to know what they are
Berserker Silverado, it seems as unstable as one.
Samurai Afraid, it was my first ZG bey, and the parts are brittle.
Suicidal Revizer, it either self KOs, or flies out.
Archer GargoYle, it should be called that, not gargole.
Band-Aid Red-Bull, the band aid part is a joke, but during a battle, the bey flew out and hit my aunts Red Bull, and the liquid stuck to it, therefore it's had that name since.
Wow, this thread is over 1 year old already.
Twisted Striker T125F MF-H: Fabled Corruption
My best combo. It's a good heavy hitter, since Twisted is a heavy wheel by itself, even more so with the MF-H.
Fabled has something to do with stories that never happened. Fable=Legend=Myth=Unicorn!
Corruption is meant to have something to do with evil.

Fang Gemios 130SF [MAIN]: Ivoried Xerox
When I come around to getting Fang Leone (Takara Tomy) I'm putting Cloud Gemios and Leone in this combo. Why?
The name is simple- Ivoried means large teeth, and xerox means pair or twins.
I call most of my Beys "Damn you! Why aren't you winning!?"
Mines are mostly "Lame" or "Pathetic".
ControL_ and I back in 2011 would call 'MF-F Gravity Perseus Stamina [counter] BD145HF/S' "Burger" for short.

Being my most used, tested and successful combo, it would make sense for us not to keep saying the whole 21-syllable name every time. The idea of the name came from it being a circular piece of metal sandwiched between two plastic pieces; the bottom being flat and the top being dome-shaped like a burger.
This isn't exactly me but my brother nicknamed his grand pegasus'' packloo"Smile lol idk why
I call my grand Cetus grand cutis becase it sounds similar
Rock Capricorn I nick named Siberian Soviet.