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Full Version: beyblade nicknames
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we nickname our best blades, right? get crackin'!

my mom named her flame leone DF145SD "carlotta".
i sometimes call my PTW "puhtwuh" cause of the way it sounds.
the nickname for my cuber pegasis is of corse "cyber"
My nick name for Burn Pheonix is Burn Dranzer
the nickname o my beyblade bellatrix. i don't thing this nicknaming work out guys
My Rock Leone C145B is Rock Wyvern C145B, 'cause it just sounds cooler.
storm pegasis 100rf=storm Dranzer and lightning Ldrago 100rf=master dragoon because phoenixes are better than a pegasis and dragoon is just plain more awesome than Ldrago and Ldrago is just three long necks with arms while dragoon actually has a full body with awesome claws
I guess you could count my Lightning L Dragoon 100 F as a bey with a Nickname.

Although the only reason it is Dragoon is cause' I custom made a Dragoon Facebolt.
So far, I've named my L-Drago Junior.
I nicknamed my Hasbro Gasher Energy Ring "Cancer Clear Wheel".
LOL, I hope one of the people who put quotes in their sigs quotes that.
(Oct. 03, 2010  4:12 AM)momiji manju Wrote: [ -> ]LOL, I hope one of the people who put quotes in their sigs quotes that.

RT125JB! We found your next quote!
i just name bye there faces. like Go L-drago! Go Leo!
I call my Aquila: " D' Eagle"
My classmate named his mixture of s pegasis, r leone, and f saggitario=pegaleotario
news flash, off topic, i found a HUGE grasshopper in an apple field near my house. put it in a suitably dirted and...rottenleavesed? goldfish bowl, and it's doing fine. ON TOPIC: great nicknames! but, teh show aint' over yet! keep postin' friends!!
i call my rock aquario (in pick) black torado
I always use a face with no sticker on my best blades, so i just call my all time besr Soul inferno
I call my custom libra royal libra because she is the queen of all beys she will execute you TEEHEE ^-/^
I call my Rock Aquario Snotty,cause he looks like a booger :P


nuff saidWink
Flame leone Fire tornado
I nicknamed my Hasbro Eagle Energy Ring "Aquila Clear Wheel".
(Oct. 03, 2010  4:09 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: [ -> ]I nicknamed my Hasbro Gasher Energy Ring "Cancer Clear Wheel".
the nick name of mine is just king lion
i sometimes call my ll-drago just drago.
I call my LDrago...........Wyrm because One:

has no legs (meteo ldrago has claws)

Two: Its a dragon (DUH?)

Three: Its my avatar.....
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