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beyblade nicknames - geminiguy2000 - Oct. 01, 2010

we nickname our best blades, right? get crackin'!

my mom named her flame leone DF145SD "carlotta".
i sometimes call my PTW "puhtwuh" cause of the way it sounds.

RE: beyblade nicknames - CyberPegasis47 - Oct. 02, 2010

the nickname for my cuber pegasis is of corse "cyber"

RE: beyblade nicknames - Hov - Oct. 02, 2010

My nick name for Burn Pheonix is Burn Dranzer

RE: beyblade nicknames - fadellusion - Oct. 02, 2010

the nickname o my beyblade bellatrix. i don't thing this nicknaming work out guys

RE: beyblade nicknames - Temporal - Oct. 03, 2010

My Rock Leone C145B is Rock Wyvern C145B, 'cause it just sounds cooler.

RE: beyblade nicknames - Terra Blazer - Oct. 03, 2010

storm pegasis 100rf=storm Dranzer and lightning Ldrago 100rf=master dragoon because phoenixes are better than a pegasis and dragoon is just plain more awesome than Ldrago and Ldrago is just three long necks with arms while dragoon actually has a full body with awesome claws

RE: beyblade nicknames - Blaze Wheeler - Oct. 03, 2010

I guess you could count my Lightning L Dragoon 100 F as a bey with a Nickname.

Although the only reason it is Dragoon is cause' I custom made a Dragoon Facebolt.

RE: beyblade nicknames - Borg Juggalette - Oct. 03, 2010

So far, I've named my L-Drago Junior.

RE: beyblade nicknames - Mc Frown - Oct. 03, 2010

I nicknamed my Hasbro Gasher Energy Ring "Cancer Clear Wheel".

RE: beyblade nicknames - Pimpju - Oct. 03, 2010

LOL, I hope one of the people who put quotes in their sigs quotes that.

RE: beyblade nicknames - ShadowPegasis - Oct. 03, 2010

(Oct. 03, 2010  4:12 AM)momiji manju Wrote: LOL, I hope one of the people who put quotes in their sigs quotes that.

RT125JB! We found your next quote!

RE: beyblade nicknames - INFINITYDRANZER - Oct. 03, 2010

i just name bye there faces. like Go L-drago! Go Leo!

RE: beyblade nicknames - GemiosBlader10 - Oct. 03, 2010

I call my Aquila: " D' Eagle"

RE: beyblade nicknames - GalaxyPegasis77 - Oct. 03, 2010

My classmate named his mixture of s pegasis, r leone, and f saggitario=pegaleotario

RE: beyblade nicknames - geminiguy2000 - Oct. 03, 2010

news flash, off topic, i found a HUGE grasshopper in an apple field near my house. put it in a suitably dirted and...rottenleavesed? goldfish bowl, and it's doing fine. ON TOPIC: great nicknames! but, teh show aint' over yet! keep postin' friends!!

RE: beyblade nicknames - MacroHunter - Oct. 03, 2010

i call my rock aquario (in pick) black torado

RE: beyblade nicknames - LLawliet435 - Oct. 03, 2010

I always use a face with no sticker on my best blades, so i just call my all time besr Soul inferno

RE: beyblade nicknames - Demonicknight37 - Oct. 04, 2010

I call my custom libra royal libra because she is the queen of all beys she will execute you TEEHEE ^-/^

RE: beyblade nicknames - DarkJoker - Oct. 11, 2010

I call my Rock Aquario Snotty,cause he looks like a booger :P

RE: beyblade nicknames - LeonTempest - Oct. 11, 2010



nuff saidWink

RE: beyblade nicknames - Zackyblack12 - Oct. 11, 2010

Flame leone Fire tornado

RE: beyblade nicknames - Megablaster - Dec. 11, 2010

I nicknamed my Hasbro Eagle Energy Ring "Aquila Clear Wheel".
(Oct. 03, 2010  4:09 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: I nicknamed my Hasbro Gasher Energy Ring "Cancer Clear Wheel".

RE: beyblade nicknames - bladerleone - Dec. 11, 2010

the nick name of mine is just king lion

RE: beyblade nicknames - Giraton - Dec. 11, 2010

i sometimes call my ll-drago just drago.

RE: beyblade nicknames - The Fire Wyrm - Dec. 11, 2010

I call my LDrago...........Wyrm because One:

has no legs (meteo ldrago has claws)

Two: Its a dragon (DUH?)

Three: Its my avatar.....