any terraria players

anyone who likes playing terraria the 2d minecraft
It’s ok 👍, but I don’t play it that often
I used to play on 360...
(Apr. 15, 2020  3:16 AM)DaGoldenPenguin Wrote: I used to play on 360...
Just got my 360 back and am playing it again
I believe terraria and Minecraft are evenly matched
I have a Last Prism and everything but am waiting for 1.4.
I know there is a thread for this.. But it has been dead for a long time so... I thought I should revive the series. And its my favorite game ever... and no it is not 2d minecraft its totally different
Wouldn't it be better to revive the old thread instead of making a new one?
Anyways, unless you've broken the game and beaten the Moon Lord, I don't really have much to say
no because it is called any terraria players. this is a thread information regarding the game not asking "are there any players that play the game".
But the previous thread could also be used for discussions about the game, couldn't it?
no because they only talked bout did they play it or not. Imma a real player and can explain all of the events. so the other thread was useless
(Apr. 12, 2021  3:31 PM)BusyBlader Wrote: But the previous thread could also be used for discussions about the game, couldn't it?

I’ve talked to staff about this before. It depends on how old the other thread is. If it really had been that long, then it’s better to create a new thread. It also depends on the amount of times the topic has been created only to go dead. For example, if it has been created twice only to be ignored, then a third thread ideally wouldn’t be created seeing as people don’t want to talk about Tererria.
its buried I had to look it up thats how old it is
Alright. I guess it's fine then?
I can't say much about 1.4 for now because I'm still waiting for it to arrive to console
you know about terraria journeys end update?
I've played a bit of it on PC, but my computer doesn't exactly run it very well.
I play on nintendo switch which has among the best updates
A Terraria thread doesn't belong in Beyblade General. You should take this to the Video Games off topic forum instead.