Zombie/Spin-Stealing/Equalizing:- What are things that make OS there opponent

Zombie/Spin-Stealing/Equalizing:- What are things that make them OS?

So I was looking through my OneNote and found this draft which I was writing about Spin-Stealing/Equalizing and how they work, so I thought it looked finished enough so it would be ok to post! So here's Zombie/Spin-Stealing/Equalizing/Sharing:- What are things that make them work!! Beynjoy!

What they are:
Before we move on to things that make them work, let's first understand how they works. Basically Zombie/Spin-Stealer/Equalizer are basically opposite spin Beyblade that use opponent's spin to retain there spin and OS (Though that can work against them. It depends on few things which I will explain later in thread) them. Way they work is, let's say for example a left spin Beyblade is spinning slow or is launched slow (aka Weak Launched or Hand Spin. haha, you are right, our Meteo L-Drago) and if you launch a right spin bey fast, with lets say a String Launcher. They will push left spin in opposite direction and left spin bey will spin faster. However it's not only limited left spins (which is a common misconception by the way), as if you launch right spin bey slow (let's say Duo Cancer B:D) while left spin (our Meteo L-Drago beyhaha), then Duo will also spin faster. They actually both are "pushing and pulling" (or spinning) each other in opposite direction,and that's why I think word "Spin-Stealing and Absorbing" are wrong terms to describe what they are as no bey get's more spin, rather they are sharing there spin. SO without further ado, let's get to things that make them OS there opponent and how you you can win against them!

What are things that make them work?:-
• Precession:- By Precession, it means a Beyblade's ability to stay upright or wobble at very low RPM without scraping or falling over. Tips that has a wide flat base (for example, WD's flat part), which can help bey to regain balance and bring it back to sharp/ball part of tip, after losing balance, as well as support it at low RPM ,and and optimal height from tip's tip (for example, WD's sharp part) or it's conical part or sharp/ball tip. so when bey loses balance, base can make contact and bring it back to balance as if tip is too sharp/tall it will be harder for bey to regain balance, hence it will scrap and lose stamina. Base of tip can't be very wide, else it will scrap and lose more stamina after losing balance, which can be reduced by use of free spinning parts like F230 or bearing in Plasitc and HMS generation (also Bearing Drive), hence when CF/GCF tip is used with F230 spin track, it can OS vaires combos due to it's disk keep bey upright even after falling over and upper half of bey keep spinning, so it can keep spin stealing and OS opponent after falling over (which is called LAD or Life After Death. I will explain it later in thread) and it can keep Spin-Equalizing even after stopping. Tips WD, EWD and other D series of tips are good for precession due to factors I explained above compared to tips like MB, TB, S, etc.

•Weight Distribution and Height:- A lower and wider weight distribution/height is always preferred in spin equalizer, because it can help them to stay stable due to lower center of gravity and can regain balance better, contributing precession, compared tall combos, which usually starts to wobble and fall over. Hence combos like E230WD don't work. But to Spin-Equalize well with you opponent and OS them, you need to make a proper contact with them, so it should be kept in mind while constricting Spin-Equalizing combos as Spin Tracks like 230 (Especially with tall Fusion wheels like Hell/Hades/Genbu/Flame) can reduce contact with Spin-Equalizer and OS them.

• Material and Shape:- Like you might heard, use of high friction materials as rubber and jaggy contact points (Especially gear like shape) are better for stealing spin from opponents, but it also prone to give back more spin, so if your opponent has more Precession/LAD likely use your given spin against you and OS you. While if you have a smoother shape and low recoil material like metal (Duo), it will not spin steal that well, but it won't give much spin back ether. If your opponent is at low RPM he won't able to spin steal well from you and you can win by OS. But same can happen with you, if you are at very low RPM. But Duo Wheels has very good stamina so it can retain spin and avoid spin stealing and OS opponent. To get best of both worlds, you can use a Fusion Wheel/Layer/Attack Ring that has design which rubber on back of main contact point (place where Drain Fafnir has rubber on or where other right spin beys latch on and spin left spin), and sliparry plastic or metal in front of c (place left spin bey push other beys by), so it can spin steal effectively and won't give much spin back

Energy Layer, Drain Fafnir has almost perfect design for a Spin-Equalizer as you can see in picture bellow:-
[Image: t]
If you see, there's rubber on back of contact point and clear plastic in front which can make it spin steal well and not give much spin back to make it OS other beys. Which is obviously not perfect, as rubber can sometime make contact with other beys and give spin back.

• LAD:- LAD or Life After Death, means a Beyblade's ability to spin/roll after falling over (aka after precession) and continue to spin steal or just give you 1-2 extra spin and win you the battle (or atleast tie, till you have some backup plan or save you from OSing lol). To have good LAD, your bey needs to have ethier circle shape Fusion Wheel, so it can roll on after falling over (for example, Duo or Basalt wheels) or have some parts that can make them roll after falling over. for example SA165 Spin Tack, TR145 Spin Track or ED145 Spin Track. F230 also is great for LAD but only with GCF tip like mention early. RDF tip is also great for LAD due to it's large base and in conjunction with BD145 it has extremely high LAD and Precession making it one of harders pair of Tip and Track to OS along with F230GCF/CF, except it can stay in 1 place and is at a safer height (less prone to Attack). 

To make a great Spin-Equalizer or Zombie, you need to have combination of all things mentioned above and it's applicable for all generations of Beyblade!! Thanks a 300HMSBeysYJALot for Reading!

In case if this isn't correct place to post or it should be something else (for example Wiki draft), modarators are free to move or close this thread :). Also reason I didn't posted in Beyblade General is because there are many different threads and new one keeps adding so it might have got lose there + it's main purpose is to explain a type of beyblade customization and how it can be made so that it will work effectively.

Any Suggestions or Help is Welcome!
Btw... I read the full article and nowhere the full form of LAD is given... Please add that.. Fantastic thread
(Apr. 11, 2017  8:45 AM)maxtwo Wrote: Btw... I read the full article and nowhere the full form of LAD is given... Please add that.. Fantastic thread

Thanks for pointing out! I added it now. I too now thinking there are some more things I could have added (Especially about Plastic and HMS parts) and improve it.
I'm guessing that the tip of the bey would also play a major role in spin stealing since the angle when the beys come into contact also matters, making tall beys or really wobbly tips difficult to steal spin.
I added some more info in it Smile. Mainly telling how you can get spin stealing of Meteo + Spin-Stealing risistance of Duo Smile

I created a synchrome that can spin steal at low spin and KO at high spin. It is Beheemoth Dragoon 90 DS

Depending on which chrome wheel is on top it is either a defense/spin stealer (when Dragoon is on top) or an interesting attacker (when Beheemoth is on top) Sure it has a full metal contact surface but it has both a smooth surface and jagged contact points. Not only is it low to the ground it is heavy so that adds to precision. DS helps with precision and regaining precision after a strong attack.

On the flip side when Beheemoth is on top it would most likely end a battle with a KO due to the more bulky beheemoth chrome wheel is on top switching from defensive power to offensive force. It still has good precision when the S part of DS is the only part with contact with the stadium. When it is like that any impact would bounce the attacker back. when this happens the fun begins. When it is hit it losses just enough balance to cause the D part of DS to contact and that causes it to rush out to the tornado ridge which could make for a cool special move. Knock the enemy to the tornado ridge then meet them there for a finishing blow.

(when dragoon is on top it is launched with a left ripcord launcher. when beheemoth is on top it is launched with a string launcher.)

*edit* The beyblade is now Ifrit Beheemoth 90 DS but still has the effect mentioned above.
*Another edit* When ifrit is on top it has one flaw. How aggressive it is when it is launched from a string launcher. If you don't have it completely up right or you didn't bank hard enough it can SKO but it does have a strong smash attack when it is like that. It usually takes one or two full orbits around the stadium before it flings it's self out but an impact changes that knocking back onto the S part instead of the D part.
Dragoon revizer bd lol...
Opposite spin = spin steal

eg - Lost Longinus ( left rotation) ( weak launch ) = Zilion Zeus ( right rotation) ( launched hard ) Lost longinus will spin steal from Zilion Zeus for short amount of time and vice verse
(Jul. 08, 2018  5:54 PM)GOD CHIPS Wrote: Opposite spin = spin steal

eg - Lost Longinus ( left rotation) ( weak launch ) = Zilion Zeus ( right rotation) ( launched hard ) Lost longinus will spin steal from Zilion Zeus for short amount of time and vice verse

That is energy equilization. Since the 2 beyblades have difference in energy, their contact seeks to reach balance.