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Country: Nigeria Registration Date: Dec. 27, 2016 Birthday: 2001

One of the most appealing things of an anime is how it takes normal things such as basketball(kuroko no basket), pirates(one piece), food(shokugeki no soma) ,ninja (naruto) , heroes (one punch man) to a whole new level and you can't help but hope(if not believe) that these feats are possible . Beyblade itself takes beigoma to a whole new standard(usually around the second season :)) but what makes beyblade stand out to me is that the physics are real so it's very easy to believe. And ever since I discovered what bladers had since made : Sliding shot-gattayaki-one hit kill-banking-shield shot, e.t.c I've been captivated and dedicated to seeing what more we can create , better yet as a community. Beyblade burst appeals to me the most because the visuals are great, the burst feature adds more excitement to the game and the franchise is really showing all the engineering and graphical skills it has acquired. . I'm really interested in seeing awesome launch techniques and how they play out in the arena, also I have a dream to see us playing in life-sized arenas ;)

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