Your Very First Beyblade

Mine was a black Valtryek S2. I hate Valkyries/Valtryeks though, dunno why I bought it
NightMare Luinor my friend had alot of them for some reason and so he gave me one and then a Spryzen Reqquim and Deap Canos can't even spell ;-;
Switch Dranzer
Well it’s easy to remember for me since it wasn’t very long ago. Blast Jinnius. Still one if my favorites even though it can’t stand up to a lot of the newer beys.
My very first Beyblade was Driver g back in the days (2001) still have it , first burst bey is V2.
MFBB : Awhile back I started watched the anime before and i asked my mom for a bey and i wanted pegasus but i got storm aquario and i used to think it spun for a long time lmao
MFB: Hasbro Blitz Striker 100SF
Burst: Valtryek V2 & Spryzen S2
My all time first was the Half Pipe Battle set which I got as a gift.
My first Beyblade was sprizeen reqreium the way it started was me at school and it was free time and I always played checkers with my friends . But then I see my other friends playing Beyblades. The month was September and I ask my mother for a Beyblade and she said for Christmas so I had to wait days so I could have one. So then my friends were nice enough to let me use one of there’s and until Christmas I finally got my Beyblade and it was srizzen reqreium I was so thankful but that wasn’t the only Beyblade i got. I got a snake pit stadium with legend sprizzen and dark doom scizor. And I started to get new Beyblade. And know that’s why I wanna vs other people.

Sprizzen reqreium
MFB Galaxy Pegasis
Burst Ace/Gran/Rock Dragon