First Beyblade Ever

NightMare Luinor my friend had alot of them for some reason and so he gave me one and then a Spryzen Reqquim and Deap Canos can't even spell ;-;
Switch Dranzer
Well it’s easy to remember for me since it wasn’t very long ago. Blast Jinnius. Still one if my favorites even though it can’t stand up to a lot of the newer beys.
My very first Beyblade was Driver g back in the days (2001) still have it , first burst bey is V2.
MFBB : Awhile back I started watched the anime before and i asked my mom for a bey and i wanted pegasus but i got storm aquario and i used to think it spun for a long time lmao
MFB: Hasbro Blitz Striker 100SF
Burst: Valtryek V2 & Spryzen S2
My all time first was the Half Pipe Battle set which I got as a gift.
My first Beyblade was sprizeen reqreium the way it started was me at school and it was free time and I always played checkers with my friends . But then I see my other friends playing Beyblades. The month was September and I ask my mother for a Beyblade and she said for Christmas so I had to wait days so I could have one. So then my friends were nice enough to let me use one of there’s and until Christmas I finally got my Beyblade and it was srizzen reqreium I was so thankful but that wasn’t the only Beyblade i got. I got a snake pit stadium with legend sprizzen and dark doom scizor. And I started to get new Beyblade. And know that’s why I wanna vs other people.

Sprizzen reqreium
MFB Galaxy Pegasis
Burst Ace/Gran/Rock Dragon
My first was plastic gen Dranzer S in the early 2000s. My friend's mother invited me to go to church with them and after she took us to walmart where she offered each of us a toy of our choosing. Since him and I had been watching the cartoon we were more than excited to see brand new beyblades on the shelves and he picked dragoon while I picked Dranzer.

Didn't even have a stadium but that didn't stop us from playing on the kitchen floor and shouting at our bit beasts, ah good times
I had plastic beys when I was way younger, but lost them.
Bought Diablo Nemesis like 2 years ago? Didn't even had a stadium until I found one with 2 burst beys at Costco. Didn't really like those beys (V2 and S2) so kinda dropped Beyblade. Just restarted not long ago while checking toys at Walmart for fun. Bought Orichalcum O3 and Forneus F3 and had a blast, so now I have 75% of all Hasbro Burst gen 3 and 4. Ordered some Takara beys, waiting for them like a 7yo hahahah.
Ray striker for mfb. Doomsizor d1 hasbro for burst
Metal was rock leone still love the blade it's great, for burst it was the remastered Dragoon S and Dranzer F
Started in Burst last Christmas. My sons got me into it. I bought Balkesh B3.
surge Xcalius with sword launcher broke sword launcher and got a different launcher lost every match until I got Maximus Garuda
Fake Zillion zeus. Was supposed to be a rplacement for a bey i stole and lost, but i found it, gave it back, and got to have zeus for myself. The really weird/creepy thing about it is that i trained with it so firkin much that nowadays it holds its own against choz, and occasionally wins! M first metal was a hasbro L-Drago Destructor.
My very first Beyblade was Spin Dragoon, the very first Bey ever made by Takara. I remember that I got it from a convenience store near my grandmother place. I just finished reading the fourth volume of the manga at that time and was really excited to get my first ever bey. It was extremely funny how the attack ring was so thin and tiny back then.
I went to a Beyblade-themed birthday party my first beys were leopard l4 and jormuntor j4