Your Very First Beyblade

I think mine was a Spark FX Fang Leone or Proto Nemesis.
Valtyrek V2 Boost Variable. It's sad I didn't get a Beyblade until January 2017.
The TV series for the original generation .. then looking over beyblades in store and being amazed at the options ... i think my first was a dragoon grip attacker
My first bey was a Dragoon G. Must have been like... 15, 14 years ago? I saw the show on TV and found a beyblade at like, a target or something. Didn't have a stadium, just launched two at each other on the floor and watched whatever happened.
Master Draciel (first gen plastic beyblade)

It was all they had left at Walmart even though I stood in line before they opened the store on release day xD
I got Dragoon S a week later. (and promptly put it on a right-spin gear and broke it in a match =(
God I love those kind of thread !

Mine was W3 starter pack (Hasbro). I wanted to start with a decent bey and it was the only switchstrike available in the store. Since it had At, was sure it was gonna be useful anyway (Spent sooooo much studying what was good before buying....). Currently slowly building my collection
drain fafnir

after my good friend got me to watch a few burst related videos around the time the god layer system was out. I decided to get drain fafnir because I was enamoured by the idea of the "zombie combo"
My first bey was a Meteo L-Drago from Hasbro's Xtreme Top System.
My first MFB was Galaxy Pegasus with something else in the dark blue Hasbro Stadium. My first Burst Beys were K2 and R2, ordered together on Amazon and both hasbro
Mine is Rock Orso[Image: bear-face_1f43b.png]
Cuz I'm obsessed with bear
Spryzen S2 hasbro from epic rival battle set
Poison zurrafa and sieg excalius
Earth Wolf and Lightning L-Drago 2-pack
I have my students to thank for getting me hooked on Beyblade. With little knowledge I picked one up at a Wal-Mart one day. It was a Phantazus P2.
Plastic Gen - Too young and didn't know about Beyblade at the time.
MFB - Sagittario Flame Claw 2-Pack (Flame Sagittario C145S and Rock Pegasus 105WD)
Burst - Valtryek & Unicrest Dual Pack (Valtryek Wing Accel and Unicrest Ring Defense)
My first Beyblade was killer Deathsyther
Valtryek and Unicrest
Metal Fight: Tornado Lacerta
Burst: Drain Fafnir
My first Beyblade was Spryzen S2 (Hasbro)
MFB: Flash Sagittario
Burst: Drain Fafnir
MFB - Earth Eagle & Dark Libra (Hasbro) (if only I still had those)
Burst - Genesis Valtryek V3 & Kinetic Satomb S3
My very first Beyblade was a Driger S.


Coming into Burst my first was a Garuda G3 out of curiosity (didn't know anything about its performance).