Guardian Odin's Bits (View Profile)

Amethyst Bit
Perhaps the only person to make Smash Turtle seem intimidating.
DJ Bit
For all his work on the New York events!
Amber Bit
Royal Bit
Thanks for your support!
Gold Bit
Frozen Garden Cup - February 14, 2009
Lapis Lazuli Bit
For all your work on the Beywiki!
Peridot Bit
For all your hard work organizing events, giving out Beyblades, giving us info ... thanks!
Bit of Soul
Your undercover days are over!
Gold Bit
First Place in Beyblade War Room @ Anime North 2009. Congratulations!
Wolf Bit
Obtained from a Face Booster.
Bit of War
Rose Gold Bit
Pictures posted!
Antique Bit
Goal reached!
Bronze Bit
Third place at Odin's Rebirth!
Emerald Bit
For reaching 15 victories in official WBO competitions.
Eternal Passport Bit
Thank you for your dedication!