Your Favourite Clear Wheels With Facebolts

best is the black and red Wolf recolour, nothing beats that
Id have to say mine is phoenix.
LDrago Absorb, Beafowl and purple Leone from RBLV1.
(Jan. 05, 2011  1:07 AM)The Fire Wyrm Wrote: LDRAGO ALL THE WAY

I like it because its my species xd

So you're not a human then ? o___O
lol orso is in third place... i really don´t like orso lol
I'm a Saggitarius so I like Saggitario
another reason is I like the clear yellow it looks awesome.
i picked l-drago, mostly because it has a cool shape and face bolt.
I like the look of the hologium clear wheel its so EPICALLY round an i love the clock theme
Horuseus FTW! So Egyptian.
and that is me
but isnt aquila looking awesome
i think it looks but we are the only that think that lol
y so many for l drago
i swear phoenix looks better than that
i don´t like l drago that much lol
^ yep

honestly, im a cancer, and i hate the cancer wheel. (tbh i hate crabs..)

my favourites are phoenix (fireblaze), pisces, and that wolf recolour with the right highlights. soooooo pretty :3
The Leone clear wheel looks cool, but the Counter Leone version is better because you can dye it into almost any color without having interference.
wow... Leone don´t have any vote....
that´s weird.. guys you have to tell why
ok, ok I voted for leone if that includes counter as he added the CW for cyber pegasis :\
I also nominate Orso. One of the coolest first season clear wheels.
I just love the TT vversion of the Phoenix clear wheel.
It looks so sexy powerfull and burning hot !
I think any customization with the Phoenix clear wheel looks amazing!
i would have voted for aquilla as well if i could pick more then one, then virgio.
I LOVE the giraffe recolour from BB-86 attack and defence set, transparent giraffe with jet black flames and silver dialects, phwoooar, yes please![3].jpg

I also like orso's and cyber pegasis' face bolts.
I think libra because it's green is so cool.

I like it because it is my first mfb and it's cool.
btw that wolf recolor isn't as cool in real life. but if you want it you get it in the hasbro 2 pack with storm aries.