Your Biggest Phobia

New phobia is that one day the sky will fall. Wonder how much it weighs?
While I do have a crippling fear of rejection (I know that there are a lot worse things than no and even that no isn't a big deal but the couple of times I have attempted to take the plunge and ask someone out I was shaking and my heartbeat became truly rapid like irregular rapid) That I can deal with I don't ask and I totally changed my appearance so if I ever do ask I have a shot.

I am afraid of dogs. It used to be worse I can't stand the things even now, but funny enough nothing had happened. Until I was coming home from working in a grocery store meat department and had been cutting roasts. The blood leaked through the coat and soaked the crotch of my pants. I happened to be just down the street near my house when a man and his dog were in the front yard. I saw it's head pop up and just started to run. It never did catch me so I guess I realize that I can physically deal with them now so it's not a big deal.
(Jul. 15, 2010  4:29 AM)To Wrote: Bringin' this thread to a whole 'nother level:


I fear rejection. I fear asking a girl out will end up with her saying flat out "You're funny" (I am, but that's not the point here). I fear being hated by others, so to not do that I often find myself trying to please everyone, despite the fact it might not be what I actually want.

I believe Ive already covered this so its not really another level.
(Jul. 19, 2010  7:18 PM)beybladeheart Wrote: New phobia is that one day the sky will fall. Wonder how much it weighs?

your phobia can be cured with simple logic
The sky is technically around you, so. It's not a definite place.
Also composed of gas.
I sort of have a fear of pencils because I tried to shoot a pencil at my sister and then it hit me and messed up my finger. True Story
.jpg   IMG000039.jpg (Size: 8.78 KB / Downloads: 257) Can you see a small mark on my finger
I just realized I'm really paranoid of sharp things going into my eyes, such as blades and needles =S
lol would most people not be afraid of that? I just hate anything to do with eyes. Even just looking at pictures with eyeballs zoomed up make my eyes water. They're beginning to water now hah!
Hah, it took me half an hour to put my first contacts in.
You guys... I'm touching my eyeball right now! Muhaha! No fear of that for me!

EDIT: That probably wasn't such a good idea. Now my eye is all irritated.
LOL, even the dough monger has a weakness. =P I'm not too bad with touching my eye now, since I wear contacts more often.
bet there's a lot of love in that relatipnship
(Jul. 25, 2010  4:36 AM)momiji manju Wrote: bet there's a lot of love in that relatipnship

flying spiders = a whole bunch of people running away also got bit in the neck by a spider a couple of years ago and it was crazy supposibly poison but never came also heights I puke every time I go on a rollercoaster
Hah, you're a more exaggerated version of me.
(Jul. 25, 2010  4:57 AM)momiji manju Wrote: Hah, you're a more exaggerated version of me.

lol yeah and also I just killed a spider im glad I dont live in austrila
OK, I became tired of the apparently uneditable "Youe".

Anyway, I try to stay calm in most situations, so while I might or might not 'fear' things, it does not stop me from thinking about the actions that should be taken and their consequences.
hah, sorry Kai-V I didn't even notice.

It's good you try to stay calm. I on the other hand, jump and run away screaming, or hit something. All of which pleasantly accompanied by a lot of swearing.
hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia the fear of long words kidding but seriously bugs going to my ears
im kinda freaked when things fall on me, it happens alot o-o
my phobia is being in an enclosed area/being surounded by people ive fainted in the room for pircings at this store cause of it being small and having quite abit of people in it and ive thrown up at work before because of people surround by customers to the point where i couldnt move at all and felt as if i was being smothered
I'm also very afraid of making mistakes. That's why I'm always unsure of doing something.