Xbox Live Gamertags

(Jan. 07, 2015  3:06 AM)Tsuna` Wrote: 360 TagConfusedupremeMagnetik (Advanced Warfare,Black Ops 1 AND 2)

omg you have AW? play with me <3 I'll add you right now, my GT is Zenzuhl.
GT: Username2130
Destiny- Looking for weekly strike help.
GT: xkazaf

Anyone is more than welcome to add me. I play a bit of everything so by all means.
Xbox one: MaverickCynical

Tongue_out I usually only play Advanced Warfare or Mortal Kombat X. That's about it.
My XBL tag is same as my username: Blaze Wheeler
EliteDeity 24 only add if you wanna play bf3&4/dragon ball xenoverse.No COD
lazy but same applies:

(Aug. 23, 2015  1:33 AM)Meta madness Wrote: lol - metateen
Hey I don't even have a xbox gold card but am able to use internet is it normal.
GT on xbox 360 : the hooge winer
I don't know if I posted this but my xbox live handle is LeonesFangs. I'm cool with the concept of anyone adding me. Just help me complete the co-op achievements for these dumb 200 pt xbox live games. When you add me and see my games I've played you'll understand. Also message me in advance that you are from WBO. Thank You.
Eres mine... Mostly on halo mcc, halo 5 or halo reach

rajit123 - my gamertag
Haha my gamertag is Brisk AquarioHD - back gaming. xD
xD My Gamertag Is LaLifeDeRicardo,This Is My Older Brother Xbox I Use It Barly xD
X360 GT: SnowWolf1069
I have Cod Ghosts and WaW, MoH Warfighter, Halo 3+4, GTA V, etc, willing to play with anyone
Xbox one gang

Xbox One Gt: TypedMinotaur28. I wish they made a beyblade burst game for xbox one
Mine is pretty odd. It's DairyLobster30. Pretty random if you ask me (or anyone else XD)