Winning Combinations at WBO Organized Play Events

(Apr. 15, 2012  1:52 PM)Ozerec Wrote:
(Apr. 15, 2012  1:46 PM)Primal Wrote: I'll do some official testing later today.

1st: Ozerec (MF-H Flash Orion GB145RF, MF-L Duo Aquario 230MB, MF-F Phantom Gasher TH170D)
2nd: KaotiK (MF-H Duo Sagittario II BD145CS, MF-H Flash Pegasis III CH120(?)RF/R2F, L-Drago Guardian S130XF, Wing Pegasis 90WF, probably more.)
3rd: Primal (MF-H Duo Cygnus 230MB, Duo Hades AD145WD, MF-H Flash Orion S130R2F)
Fixed a few things.
And no, J o n, check the Flash Discussion thread. th!nk graciously did some testing (I guess you could call it that, haha) on the best CWs for Flash. Orion was one of the top so we used it.
stock wing pegasis wasnt a winning combination.XD lol. It was becuase purple Pony"s beyluancher is a peice of carp, it malfunctioned the entire tourney.I feel bad, but a win is a win.

DaWRETCHED's Tournament Farmington Hills MI
and the winners are:
1st Place: PANasher: MF-H L-Drago Destroy BD145RDF, Phantom Eagle BD145CS
2nd Place: Yuko Ray14: MF Basalt Libra 100rsf, Phantom Orion, MF Meteo L-Drago R145WD
3rd Place: B-aWINnah: MF-H Duo Horogium B: D and 230MB

Yep a bit odd but PANasher IS Ryuga! He's a beast with his Destroy. It works, and so did Phantom for him. Yuko Ray went very far with his stock Phantom Orion excellent mold obviously. Don't know why he switched seeing he never lost with it. Then his final pick of Meteo vs. Destroy was a big WTH moment...
Looks like I was spot on with my L-Drago Guardian BD145RDF testing ;D
It's nice to see non-meta combos like that top tournaments!
BEYBLADE CRUSADE Recruitment Session: 6
1st: Kei - MF-H Duo Cancer 230MB / MF-L Flash Pegasis II CH120RF / MF-H Diablo Kerbecs BD145RF
2nd: FlameDragon25 - L Drago Destroy BD145RDF / Phantom Bull GB145WD
3rd: neilanpolbeley - Basalt Aquario 230CS/SD

Neil also used a Death custom on 230 or TH170CS, but I'm not sure which of the two Tracks it was, and I believe he also used a Hell custom at one point.

I'm quite happy with how I performed today; I didn't rely on just one or two customs and I won multiple battles (five out of six, I believe, and the one loss was against L Drago Destroy BD145RDF) with the Attack types listed above. I've only given pure Attack combos (ie. combos with RF. I've used MF/WF combos multiple times) a shot during tournaments a few times over all of these years. I figured that by adding this new dimension to my game, I'd become a much more complete player.

Also, for me, L Drago Destroy BD145RDF was the surprise of this tournament. FlameDragon used his Phantom combo for much of our play in Block A of the Block Round Robin, but then in the final battle of the block brought it out against my Flash custom (after saying, "You know me, I never use deception! I'll use the Phantom combo!", which is kind of true ... most of the time LOL) and proceeded to defeat me 3-1. It wasn't only it's defensive prowess that seemed good, but it's ability to KO Stamina types if launched aggressively, tie them, or even sometimes OS them. And even if when it was launched aggressively BD145 scraped, that was OK because of the spin stealing ability it would fall back on afterwards. I've thought about left-spin Defense types before, but I never thought they'd be able to do everything that FlameDragon was able to do with his so well.

(And only now am I re-reading the last few posts where PANasher recently had some success with a similar combo haha)
Yo yo yo, the big guy used Duo 230 MB at one point. Hah, daddy's all smiles....
(May. 14, 2012  5:19 AM)Uwik Wrote: Yo yo yo, the big guy used Duo 230 MB at one point. Hah, daddy's all smiles....

I actually did not like it very much in the brief amount of testing I did on Thursday LOL. I need to test it more. However, I easily won three matches with it because in each case I had a very strong idea of what my opponent would be using.
Out of curiosity, do you remember which combos it won against?
(May. 14, 2012  5:25 AM)Uwik Wrote: Out of curiosity, do you remember which combos it won against?

It was Neil's Basalt/Death 230/TH170something combos.
Great job branching out Kei. I really think what you are doing is phenomenal and it will definitely help you become more competitive and set an example for those who look up to you in Canada. Great job again on your win!
I see our PANAsher has started something with the L-drago Destroy BD145RDF! I have that combo w guardian ready for Beydays
Woot woot still likin the results of L-Drago Destroy/Guardian BD145RDF! People be doubtin in when I did the tests on it before it became mainstream...
5-0? No way! Time to Stop Relic :

-> 1st Place - Relic : MF-M Blitz Unicorno S130RF

-> 2nd Place - BladingSpirit5 : MF Flash Escolpio S130RF

-> 3rd Place - BeyBlast : MF-F Phantom Cancer B: D, MF Basalt Cancer H145MF

MF-H Duo Cancer 230MB was seen a lot in the tournament. There were lots of Meteo combo's too! I even used MF-M Beat Lynx GB145RF in a couple of matches.
Well, apparently you couldn't be stopped, ha ha.

And did BeyBlast use his Basalt combo against Stamina customs? Because it's a fun combo to use, but, to me, it seems a little risky to use at a tournament. xD
I got first place in The Five Fist Beyday!
I used MF-F Duo Bull 230D got close a few times.
I also Used MF-M L-Drago Guardian BD145RF against RyugaBlader's flash and beat it through weak launching he got self KOed cause I would tap him and suvive and then his RF would fling it out Mostly.
I used one other Custom MF-F Duo Bull 230EDS on a MF-H Death Aquario BGrin Last tournament I noted EDS's height allowed on 230 Duo to grind TH170 Beys But I almost lost due to being Destabilzed by it. But it worked it was a Automatic victory on MF(Any) Phantom _______ TH170 D Lasted tournament I forgot to post it.

Grand BeyDays, Battle of the Millenium!
1st Place: Klaus MF-H Flash Capricorn ch120LRF, MF-H Phantom Capricorn BD145CS
2nd Place: Sagittario-Fire MF-H Diablo Nemesis S130XF, MF-H L-Drago Destroy BD145RDF, L-Drago Guardian S130MB
3rd Place: Yuko Ray14 MF-H Phantom Orion B: D, Duo Bull 230MB
here are some of the combos for maxmimum battles 2.0
(1st) Imperial: MF-H Duo Aquario 230MB, MF-H Ldrago Gaurdian ____ D
(2nd) KamiKaziBlader: Meteo Ldrago BGrin, Phantom Nemesis AD145WD, Basalt Bull 230WD
(3rd) Fury: MF-H Duo Aquario 230MB, Meteo Ldrago BGrin, MF-L Phantom Cygnus AD145D, MSF Oroja Oroja TH170WD

Very Fun Tournament! The only combo that could take out duo 230MB was the Meteo Ldrago. Duo Aquario Combos Only Lost twice! (not counting my sister and hers, as she is very new to beyblade, never ever plays, but tied for 5th using that combo!)
BeyDay: Day of Champions NC

1st: Hitsugiya (undefeated) (Duo Aquario 230 D/MB/AD145 WD, MSF Saramanda^2 BD145 RS/CS)
2nd: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) (MF-H Duo Nemesis TH170SD/CS, MF-H Duo Nemesis E230D/RS, MSF Saramanda Saramanda E230RS/CS, MF Diablo Kerbecs BD145R2F )
3rd: G1998man (MF Scythe Cancer 230 D, MSF Saramanda^2 BD145 RS)

I decided not to use a MF/-H with Duo because I felt that it would take away from its stamina.
MF-H Duo Nemesis TH170SD/CS, MF-H Duo Nemesis E230D/RS, MSF Saramanda Saramanda E230RS/CS, MF Diablo Kerbecs BD145R2F
BeyDays 2: Detroit Bey City

1st place: Klaus: MF-H Phantom Capricorn BD145CS(mild), Flash Capricorn CH120/TH170LRF, Diablo Kerbecs H145CS
2nd place: PANAsher: MF-H Death Kerbecs BD145RS , MF-H L-Drago Destroy BD145RDF, Duo Leone B: D, Flash Lacerta BD145CS
3rd place: PattyCakeChamp: MSF SaramandaIfriad BD145RF/CS/RS, MF Duo Uranus 230MB and MF VariAres CH120MF
May I ask why LRF was used on flash(i like using it myself but?). also that flash bd145? what did it face?
To me LRFs just seem to perform slightly better all the way around. Flower, grip, and stamina... I have no clue what he used that flash bd145 combo on..
Sorry for bumping the thread, but I got results from The BeyGinning of Something Good:

1st: stormscorpio1 (MF-H Duo Aquario BD145MB, MF-H Phantom Orion B : D)
2nd: Thunder Dome (MF-H Meteo L-Drago BD145MF, MF-H Flash Scorpio H145RF)
3rd: Dark_Mousy (MF-H Duo Aquario 230D, MF-H Flash Escolpio H145RF)

The bolded combo was the most outlying factor in the tournament...
I've tried the Meteo combo with both RF and MF. It's pretty good at making CS and some D-series Bottom combos self-KO and has a nice bit of Stamina. The major downside to the combo is that BD145's spikes kill it at the very end.
here are the results for
[Mumbai, India] Bey-ond Expectations!! [09/06/2012]
1st (gameboysuperman) MF-H basalt cancer 230WB, meteo l drago CH120 (height changed to 145) WD
2nd (ashton pinto) MF Duo aquario 230MB, gravity destroyer ED145WD
3rd (nik1392) meteo l drago CH120WD, gravity destroyer D125R2F
Weird.... Awesomely weird, that.

I wonder why India always gets such a weird combo place first! Basalt 230WB is seriously something weird, but seeing it win is a shock!

But well, the other combos seem to be great!