Winning Combinations at WBO Organized Events - Beyblade X (BBX)

GCG Beyblade Tournament #3 Results

1st Astathiz
Hellscythe 9-60 Orb
Phoenixwing 3-60 Point
Rhinohorn 5-60 Needle

2nd Alta
Vipertail 9-60 Rush
Phoenixwing 3-60 Point
Hellschain 5-60 Needle
Knightshield 3-80 High Needle

3rd badnew_
Vipertail 5-60 Taper
Hellscythe 3-60 Ball
Dransword 3-80 Flat

4th poliswag

Thank you everyone for participating. Also, thank you for everyone who helped with judging and assisting with match recording. See everyone at the next one (:
BEYBLADE X-TREME BATTLE Toronto Vol. 1! - 02/24/24
Toronto, ON, Canada - X Format - OBBC Ranked 1on1

New venue, new experimentation with ranked systems, and some old faces. I would say things went about as excellently as we could expect. Really thankful for all the support and excitement everyone had! 7pts 3on3 Final was a bit weird, but it definitely was what everyone (except Kei) wanted at the time. It is clear the room itself can support 20-odd people, so we will aim for that cap next time.

Thanks again to everyone for showing up and having a great time! Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Phoenix Wing Photo Op (Click to View)

Top 3 Photo (Click to View)

1st: Kei!
Hells Chain 3-60 Orb
Phoenix Wing 9-60 High Needle
Cobalt Drake 9-60 High Needle
Cobalt Drake 4-60 High Needle (Finals Only)
Hells Scythe 3-60 Ball (Finals Only)
Phoenix Wing 9-60 Orb (Finals Only)

2nd: Anthalt!
Phoenix Wing 5-60 Orb
Unicorn Sting 9-60 Ball
Dran Sword 3-60 Rush

3rd: henwooja1!
Hells Scythe 3-60 Ball
Hells Chain 9-60 Orb
Phoenix Wing 5-60 Point
Shark Edge 4-60 Low Flat (Finals Only)

4th: k00mak00ma!

Shin LA BBX 2-25-24
Alhambra, CA

Event link:

Shindog 1st
Phoenix Wing 9-60 Gear Needle
Hells Scythe 4-60 Ball
Unicorn Sting 5-60 Orb

PhoenixHaven 2nd
Hells Scythe 3-60 Ball
Cobalt Drake 5-60 Point
Phoenix Wing 9-60 Orb
Phoenix Wing 9-60 Ball(deck finals only)
Cobalt Drake 3-60 Point (deck finals only)
Unicorn Sting 5-60 Orb (deck finals only)

Knight Shield 3-60 Taper
Phoenix Wing 9-60 Point
Phoenix Feather 5-60 Spike
"You make my heart BURST valentine"
February 25, 2024 - Houston TX 
Beyblade X 3 on 3 Ranked Tournament

1st place: raybuster
Hellscythe 9-60 Ball
Shark Edge 3-60 Point

Pheonix Wing 5-60 Rush

2nd place: MMMP
Cobalt Drake 5-60 High Needle
Hellscythe 9-60 Ball
Pheonix Wing 5-60 Rush

3rd place: lulaw28
Hellscythe 4-60 Ball
Viper Tail 5-60 Flat
Shark Edge 3-60 Point
Blue Sharks | X Standard Format (Ranked)
Burnaby, Canada | March 2, 2024
First stage matches were played with 3on3 Match Type. Combos were used in both stages, unless otherwise specified.

1st Place - ivanmania
UnicornSting 5-60P
PhoenixWing 9-60R
HellsScythe 3-60B
DranDagger 4-60S (First Stage Only)

2nd Place - SP451
PhoenixWing 9-60T
DranSword 3-60R
WizardArrow 5-60P

3rd Place - HellKazami
PhoenixWing 3-60P
DranzerSpiral 5-60GB (Final Stage Only)
DranSword 3-60F (First Stage Only)

4th Place - tz111
PhoenixWing 3-60GB
HellsChain 5-60GP
HellsScythe 9-60B
Beyblade X- Another Try
Irvine, California March 3rd 3 PM Ranked 3v3

[Image: IMG-2249.jpg]

1st Beaph
KnightShield 5-60 High Needle
Cobalt Drake 9-60 Point
Hellsscythe 3-60 Ball

2nd Apac
Hellscythe 3-60 Ball
Unicorn sting 5-60 Orb
Phoenix wing 9-60 gear needle
Cobalt drake 3-60 gear needle (deck finals only )
Unicorn sting 5-60 ball (deck finals only)
Phoenix wing 9-60 Taper (deck finals only)

3rd Darelmon
Unicorn Sting 5-80 Orb
Vipertail 5-60 Rush
Pheonixwing 9-60 Point
GiBe it Your All! Ranked Beyblade X
[Image: 8TFXj1i]
1st: Bladerdoc
Unicorn Sting 9-60T
Phoenix Wing 3-60GN
Hells Chain 5-60B
2nd: @“Spinning Lego”
Shark Edge 3-60LF
Dran Dagger 4-60R
Hells Scythe 5-60B
3rd: djwhitetiger
Hells Scythe 5-60B
Rhino Horn 4-60LF
Shark Edge 3-60P
[Image: oSZRGRg.jpeg]

This tournament was 1-on-1 for first stage, 3-on-3 for finals.

1st Place - Jordan Garnick
ViperTail 3-60 HT (Finals and first stage)
DranSword 4-80 B
HellsChain 5-60 F

2nd Place - LouieBigLou13
HellsChain 5-60 O (Finals and first stage)
KnightShield 3-60 P
KnightLance 4-60 B

3rd Place - Thephoenixking
PhoenixWing 9-60 P (Finals and first stage)
HellsChain 4-60 B
DranDagger 3-60 R
DranDagger 5-60 GN (First stage only)
River City Beyblade - Valentine's Beys - 2/17/2024

Converted to Club Format - WBO Deck

1st Place - Garishi

Viper Tail 4-60 Point
Hells Scythe 3-60 Ball
Knight Shield 5-60 Orb
Dran Sword 4-80 Needle

Thank you to Danileojar and S1erra107 for the stadiums and assistance with judging!
[Image: 20240224_133011.jpg?ex=65f60ff2&is=65e39...8a19dfa99&]
Beys In The Bay @SVCardArt #20: Everglow
X P3C1 held on 2/24

1st: Mago
PhoenixWing 9-60P
SharkEdge 5-60HN
HellsScythe 3-60B

PhoenixWing 9-60T
SharkEdge 5-60B
RhinoHorn 5-80N

PhoenixWing 9-60P
UnicornSting 5-60B
SharkEdge 4-60R
ViperTail 5-60F

4th: Bazolow
PhoenixWing 5-60P
UnicornSting 9-60B
KnightShield 3-60HN

Winning combos (we only recorded 1st and 2nd place combos )

1st place: JoeBidenBurger
Shark Edge 360 Point
Phoenix Wing 960 Gear Flat
Knight Shield 560 Ball

2nd Place: Camjo1108
Cobalt Drake 380 Flat
Knight Shield 360 Point
Shark Edge 580 taper
GCG Beyblade X Tournament #4 Winning Combos

1st GeekJ
Hellscythe 3-80 Ball
Phoenixwing 9-60 Taper
Unicornsting 5-60 Point

2nd Alta
Hellschain 5-60 Needle
Vipertail 9-60 Rush
Phoenixwing 3-60 Point

3rd Metro
Knightshield 4-80 Gear Ball
Hellscythe 5-60 Taper
Phoenixwing 9-60 Point
X Marks the Spot - WV Kickoff
Format: BBX
Tournament Type: Round Robin

SharkEdge 3-60 Rush
HellsScythe 4-60 Ball
HellsChain 5-60 Taper

Only posting first place as it was only a tournament of 5 which I believe is OK

First Stage - 3on3 Format
Final Stage - Deck Format

1st: LeeDraciel
- SharkEdge 4-60 Gear Flat
- HellsScythe 9-60 Ball
- PhoenixWing 5-60 Point

2nd: Takashi43
- HellsChain 5-80 Ball
- UnicornSting 5-60 Orb
- WyvernGale 9-60 Point

3rd: linh0004
- HellsScythe 9-60 Gear Ball
- DranSword 3-60 Flat
- UnicornSting 5-60 Taper
Beast of Possibility | X Standard Format (Ranked)
Coquitlam, Canada | March 17, 2024
First stage matches were played with 3on3 Match Type. Combos were used in both stages, unless otherwise specified.

1st Place - Ceasar
KnightShield 5-80GP
SphinxCowl 5-60R (3on3 Match First Stage Only)
UnicornSting 9-60GN (3on3 Match First Stage Only)
WyvernGale 9-80O (Deck Match Final Stage Only)
SharkEdge 3-60GN (Deck Match Final Stage Only)

2nd Place - ivanmania
UnicornSting 5-60P
PhoenixWing 9-60R
HellsScythe 3-60B

3rd Place - LoneBagelfafnir
WyvernGale 9-80O
UnicornSting 5-60P
HellsScythe 3-60B
SphinxCowl 3-80T (Deck Match Final Stage Only)
UnicornSting 9-80B (Deck Match Final Stage Only)
PhoenixWing 9-60HN (Deck Match Final Stage Only)

4th Place - Dezmain
PhoenixWing 9-60GB
ViperTail 4-60P
HellsScythe 3-80B
Beyblade X @ Davis Cards & Games. March 23 2024. Unranked


First stage 1 on 1, Finals Deck.

1st place: - Kyoutaro
PhoenixWing 3-60P
SharkEdge 5-60R
HellScythe 9-60O (1st stage only)
HellChain 9-60O (Final Stage only)

2nd place: Ark19
PhoenixWing 3-60P
Hellscythe 9-60B
Unicornsting 5-60HN

3rd place: Flaya
KnightShield 3-80N
WizardArrow 4-60LF
SharkEdge 9-60P
Rockwell, North Carolina (03/23/2024)
Beyblade X Format (Unranked, Best of Three 3On3 First Stage, Deck Format Finals)

Top four photo:
[Image: image0000.jpg]

1st: robert_loller
Phoenix Wing 3-60 Rush
Unicorn Sting 9-60 Ball
Knight Shield 5-60 Orb

2nd: Fire blader07
Phoenix Wing 3-60 Rush
Unicorn Sting 9-60 Ball
Knight Shield 5-60 Orb

3rd: #Fafnir
Cobalt Drake 5-60 Rush
Cobalt Drake 5-60 Orb
Cobalt Drake 9-60 Orb (Final Stage only)
Phoenix Wing 3-60 Rush
Phoenix Wing 5-60 Rush (Final Stage Only)
Phoenix Wing 3-60 Gear Needle
Hells Scythe 9-60 Ball
Hells Scythe 3-60 Ball (Final Stage Only)
Shark Edge 5-60 Point

4th: Wingeagle99
[Image: VuSEOaM.jpeg]

Congrats to the winners TOURNAMENT WINNERS: 
Beyblade X: Spin Like an Egyptian X  (March 24th, 2024) 

🥇1st Toxic1111 
• Phoenix Wing 5-60 Orb 
• Shark Edge 3-60 Point 
• Hells Scythe 9-60 Ball 

🥈2nd originalzankye
• Phoenix Wing 5-60 Point 
• Shark Edge 9-60 Gear Flat 
• Hells Chain 3-60 Orb 

🥉3rd Anthalt 
• Phoenix Wing 5-60 Orb 
• Shark Edge 3-60P 
• Unicorn Sting 9-60 Ball
Persona Fl Scramble
Orlando, FL

ThrowTheCheese 1st
Cobalt Drake 9-60 Rush
Phoenix Wing 5-60 Gear Point
Hells Scythe 3-60 Ball

Euro 2nd
Cobalt Drake 5-60 Point
Hells Scythe 9-80 Ball
Phoenix Wing 9-60 Taper

Enjo Vert 3rd
Hells Scythe 4-60 Taper
Wyvern Gale 5-80 Gear Ball
Shark Edge 3-60 Flat
GCG Beyblade X Tournament #5 Results

1st BluePurity
UnicornSting 9-60 Point
PhoenixWing 5-60 Gear Point
HellScythe 3-60 Ball

2nd GeekJ
HellScythe 9-80 Ball
PhoenixWing 9-60 Flat
UnicornSting 5-60 Orb

3rd Alta
Phoenixwing 9-60 Point
ViperTail 5-60 Rush
HellsChain 5-80 Needle

4th Lofthouse
Team Celestial's Xpand Your Horizons!
Google Spreadsheet
Winners and Winning Combos:
1st Place: PapaChief93
DranSword 3-80 Flat
DranDagger 4-60 Rush
PhoenixWing 3-60 Low Flat

2nd Place: Longinus_master
KnightShield 9-60 Ball
HellsScythe 3-60 Taper
PhoenixWing 5-60 Point

3rd Place: chakraboy
PhoenixWing 3-60 Gear Ball
HellsScythe 9-60 Ball
Sharkedge 4-60 Point

1st Chris0621
PW 5-60 P
HS 9-60 B
KL 3-60 GF

2nd Turbo Warrior (the @ did not work for his name for some reason)
US 5-50 R
SE 9-60 B
PW 3-60 T

3rd Ignitor1121
HS 9-60 O
KS 3-60 R
PW 9-80 P

Winning Combos!
1st place Guache:
Dran Sword 4-60 Flat
Hell Scythe 9-60 ball
Shark Edge 3-60 low flat

2nd place Kuuga Buuga:
Vipertail 4-60 Point
Rhino Horn 560 Ball
Wizard Arrow 3-80 Gear Ball

3rd place Meganecon:
Shark Edge 3-60 Low Flat
Hell Scythe 5-60 Ball
Unicorn 9-60 Needle

Thanks to everyone who showed up today! it was a blast and I hope to see everyone for the next event at Tabletop Tavern!
The Battle For Yggdrasil
Orlando FL 4/6/2024
[Image: IMG_1946.jpg?ex=66242a99&is=6611b599&hm=...308fd32a&=]
Enjo_Otaku 1st
Dran Sword 4-60 Gear Flat
Shark Edge 3-80 Taper
Phoenix Wing 9-60 Rush

Rirokashi 2nd
Cobalt Drake 9-60 Point
Hells Scythe 9-80 Ball
Phoenix Wing 5-60 Gear Point

Slord    3rd
Unicorn Sting 3-60 Flat
Phoenix Wing 5-60 Point
Hells Chain 9-60 Needle
[Image: IMG_1950.jpg?ex=66242aa2&is=6611b5a2&hm=...81921ee4&=]