Whats your greatest ever beybattle?

(Apr. 29, 2009  2:29 AM)flamerx1231 Wrote: it was night and my friend bought a fake gallazy around the corner.i told him to return it but he said he would shoot it at me.so in the middle of the sidewalk we put the stadium and standed about 3 ft away.same as my friend.i had my draciel v2.we shot both of them in the air and they hit.his blade cracked into little parts.his attack ring snapped in half.my blade landed in the stadium then stoped spinning.

Now that sounds like something that wouldnt happen often lol i bet he wished he listened to you. oh well its better to have loved and lost then to never hae loved at all. (i have no idea how that saying had anything to do with this)
A few battles in Hasbro stadiums. Occasionally I'd get knocked out of the stadium, ride the walls, and jump back in.
Yeah deikailo thats what I meant happened in my battle ^^
Ive never had that personally happen to me a bet that would be cool lol see thats simple but awsome and something id like to hear about.
Best battle I had was against noe of my friends who lived down the road. I used dranzer f and made the fatal mistake of letting him use my bistool. Dranzer came apart and the attack ring got stuck on my guinea pig's cage which was next to the arena we were battling in. Pretty awesome. Guinea pig was fine she just carried on eatingSmile
I was using Pegasis105B and WolfWD145B in a Hasbro Beystadium, when i launched my Pegasis combo the bottom came off and it went out of control and knocked WolfWD145B out of the Beystadium
Once i was battling my freind. He launched his driger F i launched my dranzer F and my dranzer landed right on top of his blade. It bounced off kept spinning,while his attack ring cracked and flew off. Then the rest of his blade just exploded.

Also this is more off a favorite moment then battle but.Once the same freind and i were bored so I launched my dranzer F at the wall it hit and came back down spinning. He said he could do it too and he launched his BRAND NEW driger S and it broke on contact.LOL good times
Easy one this.

Most people seem to go for battles in which they broke peoples blades. My favourite moment on the other hand, was during the beyblade world champiosnhips. I was taking place in the Irish championships, and this kid was annoying everyone and generally being a....well bad person, to put it lightly.

He was playing with an illegal blade as well, which the judges were to stupid to realise. He was progressing well - he was a good blader.

I had to play him in the last-16. I annihilated him. The best moment ever!
mine was my second battle k i had a DRAGOON the origilan and hr had a dranzer f bb and this girl hadone of those big beyblades that lighets up and she actualy won
wel one was that i was using jumper base beyblade and my friend used a dualtron launcher. wolborg 2 and rock bison. as soon as the battle started and we launched them into the stadium and when i hit both of them my beyblade made the other two break apart(the peices were seperetly apart). my beyblade kept spinning for 3 seconds.
My ranked battles against Anubis. Never has a BeyBattle been so stressful!
^^this; those tournament matches were high intensity

I eagerly await a rematch.
Yeah.. definitely my matches against Khel and Brad.
What about your one against me? That one was pretty intense, too!
That was a great one also <3
When i taped 2 matches on my beyblade and spun them.. they hit the match box and lighted up so it was like this fire beyblade LOL

reality Tired
(Jun. 16, 2009  11:05 PM)JAPANDA Wrote: What blade was it?

A number of problems - firstly it had a MG core which wasn't allowed in the championships. Main problem was that it was partly damaged and had a bit of blue tak stuck on it, for what ever reason. It was a wierd combination blade.
I guess my greatest battles were with DEMS Vs. Sea Dragon MS. Especially the ones were DEMS sent Sea Dragon MS flying off the stadium a couple of meters.
Or maybe a few years ago when me and a friend battled with illegally modified fake beys (early years of beyblade). Those were some intense battles! Cool
So, wait, how come there can be a "Greatest beybattle thread" but not a "worst beybattle thread?: Uncertain Just saying.

Meanwhile, new greatest battle. My Libra Combo V a Storm Peg combo. Storm Peg somehow manages to smash Libra, it hits me and bounces back to stadium, proceeding to smash attack S.Peg for the win. Illegal? Yes. Awesome? Absolutely.
Ok, i have 2 you i was in the other i just watched
1st Mine: AR-Driger G WD- 10 wide RC-Dragoon Fighter (Left Spin) V.S. My friends: One of those huge electric Dranzer beyblades. Statium: Red Portable
The Battle:My Beyblade was alot smaller and his was lighting up and being huge, but mine just keep hitting it and hiting it until eventually his Dranzer started to wobble and my Driger hit it hard enough to knock it up, over the portable beystatum's sides. To this day I've never lost with that blade.
2nd: My Friend(same friend) was using a completly custimized blade (I never got to see what it was) and his opponint was using a beyblade, all i can remember was that he was using a Kid dragoon AR. We were battleing outside our school. The battle lasted about 15 seconds the Kid Dragoon beyblade hit the other blade so hard that it sent it out of the statium and broke all the pieces. we spent half an hour looking for the pieces and couldnt find anything but chunks of AR.
Years ago when the magnetic system was first introduced in Turkey(G-Revolution in Japan), there was a guy who pushed the stamina limits of my ultimate defense combination with a Dranzer F in stamina mode(Using a 10 Heavy), where I had beaten him with a score of 7-5 where his got knocked out by mine where I had broken the wall of a Takara Balance(Yellow) stadium through my launch and it was a stressful match as it was my last(5th) match before the first quarter of the finals(I had became the champion).

Even though I only had the %5 percent of the collection I have know those were the times I had my greatest and most intense matches, nowadays I only test them as no one challenging has yet rose to battle me...

The Defense combination I used back then was:
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: MW Right
BB: SG Metal Ball Base
(Jun. 17, 2009  7:24 AM)Spinster Wrote: What about your one against me? That one was pretty intense, too!

that sucked because i lost
Hahaha, I was actually talking to Anubis there, but yeah, our match felt... I dunno, I felt bad about getting beypoints from that one because I don't think you were quite up to your full game there. I really want to get together sometime and have several serious matches with you where we're not burnt out from running around a convention all weekend.
Me vs Kenta.

Should've won, without a doubt, but someone stole the Bey I was using the entire tournament.

Tried to make a replacement, but I failed. Unhappy