Whats your greatest ever beybattle?

So what was it about the battle? was it the attacking brilliance on behalf of both bladers? or was it infact yours and your oponents sleek defence that made the game so great? it could have been a wbo match or just a random battle with friends (but try to keep it with wbo battles if possible).

Either way let us know give us the report on what was so great about it and tell us why it was a match worth remembering. Plus give us as much additional info as possible such as the combos used and what stadium etc.
There was one when it was:

ME - Driger S
My Middle Bro - Draciel F
My Oldest Bro - A Wolf Beyblade (not an engine gear or anything.)

Driger S and Draciel F teamed up (didn't hit each other once) but kept hitting my bro's wolf beyblade. He started to wobble then suddenly sped back up and ended up coming second, knocking out Draciel F!

I swear thats my true best beybattle

This occured when i was 3/4/5
lol that sounds cool! but you never knew how it happened?
Ok, I have 2 memorable battles as my greatest, and i actually lost 1 of them lol. The first 1 was about 6 years ago with my first ever beyblade (Grip attacker Grin), me and my best mate were battling it out, it was intense, it looked like it could have gone either way, but he managed to pull of flame tornado with his dranzer, he was so string that he broke my WD clean in half, both pieces of the 6 wide went flyin in opposite directions, and even tho i lost, i was happy, we both knew we gave it our all cuz we were both puffing and panting from the adrenaline.

My 2nd greatest battle was against te same person, but more recently, my dranzer vs. his dranzer. I managed to get right underneath his attack ring and grind his blade in a circle twice around the outside of the stadium then clashed with his AR and KO'd him straight out, that was definitely my most memorable moment Grin
I have 2 i couldnt decide

Diger S
The match was against 3 master Draciels and a Dragoon F, i thought the odds were against me but Driger pulled through and knocked dragoon out, and beat the 2 Draciels then outspun the last of them. My blade got stolen tho Unhappy

Driger V
With this blade i have snapped a Galzzy Attack Ring (Both of them), chipped off large chunks off a Dranzer F and finally in my final battle with it we were both at a loss, Driger V vs Ultimate Frostic Dranzer. Odds were completely against me i could not match that speed, in the end it was a draw.
The damage done to Drigger was bad, the whole magnetic core was snapped as for the Ultimate Frostic Dranzer, long story short you could not put another attack ring on it the whole inside was snapped.
lol ok i figured since i made this topic i should finally post my one.

When i was younger i was ersin my friend jamie and we both had metal attack rings (mine was driger s his was hayate) and his blade had insane attack. Anyway our blades hit eachother hard and they flew against the walls of the stadium then deflected off that and smashed back into eachother again. At that mine hit the wall a 2nd time but his went out of the stadium. I just found that so cool considering the exact odds of that happening arent heaps high lol

I also had a great match with jezz1 at the tournament which consisted of 2 draws and me finally winning. It took alot of strategy to beat him on my part.
i have 2 the first one was when i was battling my neibor ali he is a boy he and i were training for the tournament so we were trying to create a finishig move ny blade was a dranzer s and his i can't remember so in the battle i was like dranzer phoenix typhoon then he said go aqua tornado but it was so cool when they hit each other you heard a loud crash of metal and they flew in the air and landed then kept grinding at each other until they both stop spinning it was so cool.

the second one was when we were training in the dirt because we thought they were going to have stadiums like in the show and it was going to use them so we were battling and he said use aqua tornado then we thought we saw water coming out of his blade but it started raining and some splatted on his blade then i still didn't want to lose so i said get him dranzer and it sped up and hit a rock and bounced off and hit his blade and i won because i hit the top of his bl;ade even though it was a fluke i would never forget it sob..... beyblade is so awesome
3 exaggerated stories in 7 posts? Geez. Confused

Anyways, I'll put some up when I remember them. :\
lool water coming out of a beyblade, now that would be one hell of a beyblade.

lol mine wasnt one of them was it rocky?
exaggerated what? okay a little but it did happen
(Apr. 25, 2009  3:51 PM)josh-jf Wrote: lol mine wasnt one of them was it rocky?

No actually. RedAce and Shredder. ^^;
I only battled on the bus, but it was fun XD . Lots of times theyd end up bouncing off chairs and doing "tricks" on our backpacks and lunchbags and stuff. When a blade would get lost it was pretty cool how everyone would start looking like it was the end of the world. haha.

Aside from that, I remember when HMS first came out and I got a DGMS (also had 2 UVs, draciel ms, dranzer ms, and some others) and I broke a friends blade in half (it wasnt tthongli, but it was a very poor rip off.)
Ok, I've got two.
1. I had gone over to my friend'shouse to beyblade. We went up in the loft and started beyblading. One of the matches was my combo (a broken galleon AR, 8 balance, and dranzer F BB, lol) against whatever he was using (it might have been galzzy, i have no idea). Anyway, we were in the Dranzer Flame Field and his beyblade hit mine so hard that it flew out the stadium, down the stairs, landed on the floor below and was still spinning (was tiled floor). It was awesome.
2. It was when my Dranzer GT's EG actually worked and KO'ed the other beyblade. The hit seemed perfect. It was wicked. Cute
I was in the Cyber Dragoon stadium when my blade (metal Driger) got hit hard and landed on the top of the wall. It was still spinning. then it came back down and I beat the kids Dragoon of my uncle!!!
How can people remember such details?
My greatest beybattles are the ones I win.
(Apr. 25, 2009  7:39 PM)NeekAlert Wrote: How can people remember such details?
My greatest beybattles are the ones I win.

Heheh... I agree..

My overall best battle was when I battled my little cousin and cyber dragoon's gimmick actually worked and he landed on my blade, lol. My blade just went all out of control and flew into a pocket. It was hilarious.
Threw a fake stadium in my friends pool once; I launched my Driger S, and he launched Master Dranzer. Both both recoiled and fell into the water. Pretty fun even if the stickers got damaged.

That was just under 7 years ago.
4 years ago I challanged with assasin team captain after beyblade tv show he have combination which ı dont know I wanted to take my revenge against him but he warned me about his beyblade when our beyblade spining inside stadium his beyblade gone out of stadium after that he told me whats strange noise and I looked my beyblade
my beyblade's attack ring broken He told me offical rules says if you beyblade break in stadium you ll lose 3 point Confused is it true or not tell me
It's true. Well you don't lose 3 points, but you lose the battle.
lol that fake stadium in the pool thing sounds heaps good lol even if its a carp battle you would atleast remember it lol
My greatest battle was when I was at Gingerbread Learning Center against my friend Shelton. He was using Driger S and I was using Dragoon Storm. His beyblade ko,d my out of the stadium but it was still spinning. I was pissed though. I miss beyblading with him.
Greatest: Me v.s. my friend in a home made staduim.

worst: Me v.s. some girl in a tournament I was using a dragoon v, she used an electronic beyblade.
I lost Crying
(Apr. 26, 2009  1:17 PM)blader9 Wrote: Greatest: Me v.s. my friend in a home made staduim.

worst: Me v.s. some girl in a tournament I was using a dragoon v, she used an electronic beyblade.
I lost Crying

What actually happened? you didnt give much to discuss about. It says to actually give info.
(Apr. 26, 2009  1:20 PM)josh-jf Wrote: What actually happened? you didnt give much to discuss about. It says to actually give info.

Well, me and my friend spent all day making a staduim, when we were done i was pretty much a giant bowl with ramps, it was my favorite battle because the staduim was sick we played best 2 out of 3 and I won. I used wolborg 2 he used dragoon f but overall we both sucked because we were 7 and didn't know any strategies, we just used luck.

In my worst battle it was one of those tru tournaments. I was up against some girl. (who ended up winning the tournament) 2 things were against me

1. hasbro staduim
2. she used an electronic beyblade

so I lost
Electronic blades are useless :\