What's Your Beyblade team name?

Poll: Team or solo?

Team player
Lone Blader
Total: 100% 800 vote(s)
Shadow Bladers. well thats about it im rank one and we have 9 10 members


a bunch of 001 frends
Bey Blade Brawlers

im a lone blader myself but if i was on a team it would be called winged fangs but that just if im not good in team or group type things everything just go's not right so i like to be a lone blader sometimes other times i wish i had a team alwell i do my best sole anyway
I am th leader of "Battle Chipz." We're a sub-division of Xeria, but I'm hoping to join the prodigies. Considering I came second at Blazing Summer, it would really help alot.

~Several of his friends.
my is the beyninjas of freedom
Im the newest Dragon Blazer!
Well I used to be in team double thunder - yes im gonna change my sig - but Im starting to doubt the whole team-hullabaloo...

Me and my Ray Unicorno are fine on our own!!
BeyJadz. Tongue_out

BeyJadz and I. Only two and Always two.
Still founder of the unofficial CA Bladers Club/Group, as well as the Sacramento area's Genesis bladers.
Mine was team starfall. Then it kinda broke up.
I'm the leader of Team Faceless. We only use beys with a blank facebolt.
I am the leder of the Aries Hunters
I'm thinking of making a team called "The Boox Bladers". Does it sound cool?
Suzumiya Bladers. It's just Bey-Heart and I.
Chipz said Im the leader of Battle Chipz now, but i gues ill call it Snow Pikadhu or womething. Ill PM saygin now,
There are 28 members on my team
Im the leader

My team is: Metal Bladerz

My team is in New York, we battle each other in town

56 wins
23 loses
I'm more like Gingka's dad, just wandering about with my freakin awesome beyblade and saving other people's butts.
Zeo Crash is my team ,it isn't really i just made that up but it is a virtual team.
We are Team Triple ThreaT ranked No.2 in the UK. We have 3 members of which the leader is 3 years old! We are based in London and I'm sure everyone who has met us can testify that our leader, BeyJun is awesome!

PS I'm his No.1 Fan!
I am now a team player. Im on Dragon Blazer and the Beysharks as the Ambasador. I join teams for allies. I am currently asking to be on the United Original Bladers.
me and a few of my friends use to be in
a team called the blackhole bladers
for a few months than we split
so now im a lone blader and its better that
way to me
my team name is The BBA Knights