What is your favourite SlingShock Beyblade

I honestly love the Air knight k4 as its driver is so smooth that with any surface it doesn't have less stamina ( in slingshock mode ) cuz with some slingshock beys such as the forneus f4 when you put it in sling shock mode the driver is making so much friction that its stamina is really bad ( for a bey in slingshock mode )
Honestly, it's a tough choice between Fafnir F4 and Forneus F4. Fafnir is better than you think it would be at equalizing, and Absorb-S is basically just Eternal-S (Hercules H4/Air Knight K4) but better. Forneus F4 is one of a few Slingshock beys capable of consistently beating its TT counterpart, and Yard-S is just generally a better design that solves the issues Yard faced. I've even managed on getting LAD wins on it in Slingshock mode, which is pretty amazing.

Kerbeus K4 is just such a powerful layer and would be a favorite, but the "slide over" style of Slingshock drivers just fails hard and often changes modes while launching and forces the combo down. It's far worse on Flugel-S, but Survive-S does occasionally swap on me too, and that's just a pain in my butt.
Slingshock? Either leopard or Cyclops.
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My favorite slingshock beys are:
Revive Phoenix
Dread Phoenix
Dread Hades(Switchstrike but counts as Turbo system)
Turbo Valtryek
Turbo Spryzen
Turbo Achilles
and possibly Archer Hercules
Heat Salamander
Guardian Kerbeus
Hazard Kerbeus
Spiral Treptune
Turbo Achilles
Buster Xcaulis
Archer Hercules
Dread Phoneix
leopard, hazard kerbeus, and crash roktavor. leopard is surprisingly good, prob best attack slingshock bey. Kerbeus does rly well against most hasbro, even against beys like balkesh. Idk y, but the wedge-s i got on crash is suuuuuuper tight, like a dash driver.
Turbo Achilles is surprisingly good for slingshock and can make an explosive battle against sparking beys like super Hyperion
Breaker Xcalius because it has metal lel.
Probably turbo Achilles recolor
None because Hasbro sucks
(Sep. 29, 2020  3:29 AM)kai edits Wrote: None because Hasbro sucks

They’re more fun then TT
(Sep. 29, 2020  3:42 AM)6Jupiter5 Wrote:
(Sep. 29, 2020  3:29 AM)kai edits Wrote: None because Hasbro sucks

They’re more fun then TT

Nah tt better
(Sep. 29, 2020  3:45 AM)kai edits Wrote:
(Sep. 29, 2020  3:42 AM)6Jupiter5 Wrote: They’re more fun then TT

Nah tt better

IDK, but for me the gimmicks of hasbro are more fun. In the end what you find more fun is not what I find more fun and that is what makes everyone unique.