What is your favorite beyblade in the anime?

For me, it is
MDB - Meteo L-Drago, Galaxy Pegasus, Ray Unicorno, Hell Kerbecs, Gravity Perseus, L-Drago Destroy, Mercury Anubis, Kreis Cygnus, Diablo Nemesis, Samurai Pegasus. 

Burst - Victory Valkyrie, Lost Longinus, Xeno Xcalibur, Galaxy Zeus, Sieg Xcalibur, Legend Spriggan, Ark Bahamut, Spriggan Requiem, Winning Valkyrie, Hell Salamander, Geist Fafnir, Orb Egis, Cho-Z Achilles, Cho-Z Spriggan, Dead Phoenix, Judgement Joker, Venom/Erase/Master Diabolos, Union Achilles, Imperial Dragon.

What is yours? All generations are counted btw.
hi, i would like to emphasis on truly disappointing beys, ie :

1) beyblade burst wild wyvern
2) beyblade burst storm spriggan

these 2 are really easy to burst, giving their status as one of the main beys.

my favorites is winning valkyrie.
My fav: All the Valkyries. I wish hasbro used the TT designs for V, V2, gV3, sV3, wV4, tV3, and sV5.
I like Dranzer GT.
all Diabolos, Big Bang Genesis, Imperial Dragon, Prime Apocalypse, Dread Bahamut and Judgement Joker
God: Kreis Satan, Shelter regulus
Cho_Z: Geist Fafnir, Dead Hades, Choz Achilles
GT: Venom Diaboros, Union Achilles
I like all of the ldrago series from the metal saga, theyre all super cool
Mine are:
Burst: Victory Valkyrie, Storm Spriggan, Kaiser Kerbeus, Yegdrion Y2, Xeno Xcalibur
God: Strike God Valkyrie, Twin Nemesis, Spriggan Requiem, Arc Bahamut, Legend Spriggan, Beat Kulkucan, Drain Fafnir
Turbo: Orb Egis, Cho-Z Valkyrie, Cho-Z Spriggan, Geist Fafnir, Revive Phoenix, Emperor Forneus
GT: Master Diabolos, Prime Apocalypse, Imperial Dragon, Erase/Venom Diabolos, Bigbang Genesis, Union Achilles, Bushin Ashura, Zwei Longinus, Judgement Joker
I kind of like Hell Salamander. It may be more for Suoh Genji, as I find the duel personality aspect of his character really interesting.
all Devolos beys and Big Bang Genesis
The bets that had the coolest moves are
1. Venom/Erase Diablos
2. Dead Hades
3. Spriggan Requiem/ Cho-Z Spriggan
4. Geist Fafnir
5. Dead Pheonix
I really like egis, zwei longinus, or joker