What has Beyblade done for you?

Poll: Has beybladeing changed your life?

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beyblade is helping me to get a job when i'm older... as an anime artist cause i design my own...
Beyblade's pulled some of my old friends back, and has given me more topics to talk about.
It also stopped the fighting between me and my sisters, we take it out through beybattles now. xD
well...once apon a time, about 8 to 10 years ago, if you beybladed you were the collest kid on the block, now a-days when your in you teens and you beyblade....it's just sad, it means you have no self respect.....yeah, I don't have any of that.... Tongue_out
if i dont know beyblade until now i will just wacthing my tv with the boring show
i maded many friends when i was blading when i was 8-9 and made many good friends as i was the blading champ in my area
Well its made me learn alot 'bout spinning and how these forums are 75% minimods not 10%
beyblading gives me something to do while waiting to ship out to navy bootcamp. and it helps me connect more with the students i teach in taekwondo Smile
Gave me another addictive, expensive, quite meaningless hobby that I can't seem to shake. I need to stop signing up for things like this, but it has been fun.
(Feb. 10, 2011  8:39 PM)OmegaZX Wrote: ummmm... It got me a hobby not on computers.
And then that hobby led you to the WBO so it eventually turned into a hobby involving computers, lol.
For starters, it has deprived me of my freedom, as well as interfered far too much with my budget and education. I go to sleep at night cuddling my little metal top before finally going to bed at 12, only to find myself waking up four hours later to get ready for work. My wallets hurting at the moment, but who can resist a gold MF, LRF and LDD for $60 or so?
It made me gain self-confidence and made me look like a winner in front of other Beybladers, to adults, they think I am an innocent child playing spinning tops, and it's better that elders think I am a good boy, it makes younger children look up to me.

But, it also makes me spend money, distracts me, and can get me in trouble. [Spending lots of time on the WBO.]

Everything has it's ups and downs.
well, i won a trip to new york in a hasbro tournament
(no joke)
(Feb. 26, 2011  1:58 PM)Delta Bladerâ„¢ Wrote:
(Feb. 09, 2011  2:31 AM)Bluezee Wrote: It has helped me AVOID punching people in the face and reverting to my old ways. I was always nice but people annoy me and I tend to hurt them by ANY means neccessary. I am naturally violent. I find people. Please dont laugh. I am serious.

Well....I have the same answer as Bluezee.....Except I'm a lot less nicer.

Also, it made me just surf the web all day.

same answer, still a lot less nicer
It's rather amusing. The "cool kids" that sit at my lunch table (and my dad, but not as offensively) all call it Gayblade(I also have heard "poke-gayfer" and "bakugay," WTC?) but a lot of other people tell me that they "used to have them[HMS Beys usually] when they were kids," which is dumb, since we are in 6th grade and still ARE kids. However, there are also people(mostly in my science class) who keep trying to grab my Light Launcher and my Aquario or Earth Wolf C145B every time I bring it out. BTW, most girls who see me spinning beys don't mind, so I guess I'm lucky. Anyway, Beyblade has given me something to do when I can't be on the computer, and a way to give Hasbro money. And another annoying thing to beg my dad about. And, for that matter, another thing my mom, and occasionally my dad, enjoy doing with me.
First of all , Beyblade has brought me to the most amazing community ever . The WBO .
Because of Beyblade I made some friends and I realized my real ones . The ones that wouldn't mind that I played Beyblade . I still have a lot of fun playing it , so it brought more joy into my life .
Because of Beyblade I saw fun in physics . I always loved physics , but now when I see the laws of physics being applied in one battle , it's just amazing how fun it can be !
Beyblade has brought many things to me , and I'm happy about it , and I always will .
Made me a lot of my best friends and got me a dream job.
It has given me some information about physics. And aerodynamics.

Beyblade is one thing that truly changed my life. So with the WBO too Joyful_2

It made me bond closer with my cousin, and he was the one who dragged me into beyblade. At first I thought beyblade were, two simple spinning tops. But that changed my mind. After my first battle with him, he gave me a beyblade of his: MF Flame Orso C145B.

Being the group leader of a team on Facebook, I organized projects such as Project Thermal, to test Thermal's upper attack. Yeah, it has given me a lot of ways to spend my free time. XD
it has made me go crazy
How ? It's just SPAM if you don't elaborate.
Beyblade has given me a new hobby. I love buying new tops and seeing how different parts work. I feel a little more active because of it and my mind gets a little exercise when i customize parts. Gives me a sense of satisfaction.
Beyblading has made me a................. good blader O_O
Good for you.
Beyblade has given me new friends..
Beyblade helps me and my siblings close...
Beyblade helps me to AVOID watching too much TV...
Beyblade...has taught me that you're never too old to play anything...
Most importantly, Beyblade taught me how to respect others, play fair and apply what I know in real life to something I like or love. (Not like I don't know these before. Tongue_out)
It has freed me from my boredom =)
It also gives me something to save on...
reason to live and maked me happy smthing to talk abt and many more..
I made a Beyblade channel on youtube with my brother.Needless to say it has brought us much closer.I also introduced Beys to my friend and he loved them.He then told his friends and we all have a little group we go to for battles or just to simply hang around.Beyblades are righteous.
It's making me some money Tongue_out
YouTube Revenue Sharing... yeah...