What do you look for in your Beybuilds?

What do you guys look for when making a combo?

Best Parts?

Does anyone have a favorite under performed part that you keep using regardless?

Me personally i want to build something that hits hard but also use my favorite parts like Buster Xcalibur!
While it’s not meta, I definitely enjoy using the Iron driver still. I’m also a fan of Lightning L-Drago (Burst remake) layer.
I like trying out unique combos at home in preparation for the final stage of an event, but I usually use meta combos to try and sweep through the first stage competition. Keep, Ultimate Reboot', and the Mugen Lock Beys are a couple of the parts that I've found some success with. I'm currently also testing Knockout and Operate' and hope to find success with Zone and Glide when I get the Sparking Beys this weekend.
I personally like prime apocalypse as it may not be a very good meta beyblade but combos like sting destroy/destroy' are fun to play around with this beyblade. It also hits decently hard and almost never bursts problem is it is very unbalanced
Where is this combo from? STORM PEGASUS, STING, DESTROY'
I always look for best performing/meta beys when I'm preparing for a tournament. Otherwise I like testing a wide variety of meta and non-meta beys such as Hell Salamander on Ignition' or attack types on Merge, but when it comes to tournament time I don't mess around, going straight to my serious combos such as Perfect Phoenix 0 Cross Xtend+ or Lord Fafnir 0 Cross Xtend+. I tend to stick with stamina on Xtend+, as it's generally very safe and viable.
I really enjoy the burst remakes of storm pegasus and lightning L drago as well. Call it nostalgia lol but longinus as a layer is really cool to look at for me. The double dragons on the chip and the double dragons on the layer itself is a must.
I try to make sure every piece support each other
Lots of defense so stop this banning of my boyo jormuntor. And stamina, but I don’t use attack often.
I like making combos based on design and aesthetic, usually. I've got my competitive combo deck, but everything else goes to having fun.
I love making unusual combos, finding uses to "bad" parts and using "strong" parts in other combos than the usual competitive ones. For now I found a lot of combos that work well, using Blow' for example.
I also like to make these combos aesthetic, like using same-color parts...
And I like battling them against "competitive" combos !
The odd thing is, I have to make bad combos on purpose. If I win more than 3 times against my brother, he will beat me up (he is still in elementary school) and cry.
Personally, I like hard hitters that can reality bet the job done. Not a fan of stamina/defense combos because where all the fun in that? Just your Beyblade sitting in the middle, it might be optimal but isn’t fun. And there are good combos that can attack, get the job done, and be fun. And sometimes I like to make the trashiest combo ever, and have fun with it
I tend not to lean to much on Attack types due to the fact that they can sometimes be unpredictable, and burn out quickly. I like using Balance type bey with enough Defense and Stamina to last the match. That however has seen its downsides so I'm not going to say it's the best, it's just what I prefer.
I like to use what I call sleeper beys for meta. I like to try new things that others probably won't think of. Like burn Fireblaze remake(burst)
I look for something stable. Something that won’t get knocked over and something that can be balanced.