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Country: France Registration Date: Oct. 10, 2017 Birthday: Jun. 16, 1998 (21 years old)

I'm a blader that began beyblading during the Metal Masters series. I'm now into Burst Beyblades, but the Metal saga is still deep into my heart. As for Burst Beyblades, I have dF.8.Nt, nL.Ds., Sr.0.Zt., bJ.5G.Gr., bR.4C.Fl., SgV.6V.Rb., X2.M.I., X.F.X., L2.N.Sp, kS.Y.Sp, aC.6M.T, S2.K.U, R2.G.R, D2.F.J, V.S.S., B2.H.H., lS.7.Mr. And I have too much Metal Saga beys to list them all.

Tournament History

Kaiser138 hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.