What Are your top 5 favorite Pokémon?

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Infernape, PEKACHU (is the spelling is right ), gyrados these are my favorites..
(Jul. 13, 2012  10:55 AM)BattleLion Wrote: Infernape, PEKACHU (is the spelling is right ), gyrados these are my favorites..

Yes and no. An elderly man from Rustboro City in pokemon Sapphire nicknamed his pickachu PEKACHU. The real spelling is pikachu. Interesting
mine would have to be
1.mewtwo,he was the first legendary pokemon i saw and he was artificial and heaps powerful and was one of the only pokemon that could talk and had good cahracter
2.mew,so full of cuteness
3.articoono,was the second legendary pokemon i saw and he design just was really appealing for me
1. Larvitar (.... Come on, its Larvitar. It evolves into Tyranitar and its SOOOOO CUTE!!!!)
2. Shuckle (Its sexy dont diss it. It has the best defense outta evry pokemon. TRUE)
3. Ninjask (Fastest pokemon, use Baton Pass, pass speed onto good pokemon BOOM u got a fast Snorlax)
They were from the top of my head. But now that i think Shedinja is pretty awesome.
full stop
how could i forget snorlax?
Nidoking: He pwns
Snorlax: Caught him and put him in my PokeWalker to lose some weight. He remains there to this day.
Meowth: That's right!
Swampert- My first fully evolved starter in Emerald.
Kyurem- First legendart pokemon at lvl 100 in White.
Dragonite- IDK, just because I do...
These are my favorite (in order).

1. Mudkip- I never evolved him, and he is in every game I can get him in. He ususally is the one who beats the Elite 4 for me, and is always the one to beat up gyms. (He is lv 100)

2. Tepig- This may sound stupid, but in order for me to beat people I need starters, Tepig almost won me States...if it wasnt for my complete stupidity.

3.Cyndiquill- It is adorable and that was the first card in my collection. It has a special place on my shelf.
In order: (I love Hoenn!)

1. Blaziken-My favourite RBY starter, when I was a noob I had one that had Earthquake,Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick and Brave Bird. It also went through the metagame like a boss...from OU to UU...and finally Ubers! Grin

2. Latias-My favourite legendary as it is cute as well as awesome

3. Breloom- Epic offensive typing and access to Giga Drain, Mach Punch, Substitute, Focus Punch, Spore and more!
Also it's epic abilities Technician and Toxic Heal which create awesome sets like SubPunch and SubSeed!
Arceus- The god of Pokemon. Beat that.
Kyurem- Has 3 forms, and just looks awesome.
Magikarp- Should've put this in first...
Hitmonlee - The Kicking machine from 1st Gen

Blaziken - The Fire Starter that knocked off the chain of Fire-Fighting Starts for Generations to come.

Sableye - mainly because I RNGed a shiny one and have basically fallen in love with it
1. Mewto - Okay, most people like him because he's the most powerful Pokémon in the Kantõ region, but that's not why he's my favorite. I feel for him. He was a clone that was cast aside, rejected, and abused because of his independent attitude. I... I really feel for him, and I start crying for him every time I watch the first Pokémon movie. Yes, I am a very emotional person, but... to me, he's not just the strongest creature, he's a cold-blooded Pokémon looking for love and compassion, seeking his true purpose, which lies in the heart.

2. Chikorita - It's adorable, and my first starter that I chose when I played Heart Gold. Enough said.

3. Absol - Why has no one mentioned him yet? He's absolutely amazing! Plus, he reminds me of a wolf, which, besides ducks, are my favorite animals. His coat is so beautiful, and his eyes are like flaming moonlight. I love this thing so much!!! XD

If I could choose a fourth, it would be Jirachi, since it's the Wishmaker Pokémon, and it's so cute!!!
I guess I would have to chose
1.) metagross/ how ever you spell it - good for competitive play
2.) Lucario - Just awesome all around
3.) Eevee - looks, and they are good for getting a new pokemon with a weekness that help defeat the stangest gym leader/elite 4
i like
1.squirtle (epic turtle)
2.reshiram (fire!!!)
3.turtwig (another turtle!!)
In no particular order, and not including ubers I like...

Alakazam - He's a really good Pokemon to have on my team, I'd choose him over any other Psychic type.
Scizzor - Another good one to have on my team, and I just love his design.
Slowking - Being a combination of both water and psychic types, how could I not like him? Also, I just love him from the second movie. XD

If you include ubers, I like...

Jirachi - I'm not really sure why I like Jirachi so much, I guess it's because of the 6th movie.
Darkrai - Dark Void, Nightmare, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball. Enough said....
Rayquaza - Emerald Version is still my favorite Pokemon game, and I absolutely loved using Rayquaza. Also, he looks pretty nice in Pokemon Colosseum/XD

Zekroms ok 2
Scizor- Dat swords dance

Metagross- Anyone who doesn't love Metagross, well, I have no words to describe my dissapointment.

Darkrai- Void+ Dream Eater, u mad sleep clause?

1.) Wigglytuff - Because I just love them. I trained mine in Fire red to be an ultimate Wigglytuff tank.
2.) Alakazam - I dunno why. Cause he's psychic maybe?
3.) Mudkip - I trained mine to level 92 without evolving it, still use it.WHo doesn't love a tiny little blue thing that looks kinda weird with yellow whiskers?
Okay, can everyone please elaborate; tell everyone where you like that pokemon.

1: Jolteon. It was my first Eeveeloution and I used it throughout the entire story of all games anytime I could.
2: Latios. It was my first legit shiny legendary.
3: Mudkip. I chose it almost all the time as my emerald starter and it started: "I herd u liek mudkipz".
2.the shape shifting MEW
3.the last is MUDKIP
that's all
gengar- I use him as my tank for my competitive team
breloom-bullet seed. enough said
lucario-mach punch and close combat. once again enough said