What Are your top 5 favorite Pokémon?

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I actually don't have 5 favorites. I just have one favorite...One Pokemon that was with me ever since I was 10...One pokemon that was my first pokemon that I ever raised to Lv. 100...That Pokemon is....Yeah, you know what it is.
#5 Ho-oh My first Pokémon game was Pokémon Gold for the Nintendo Gameboy Color, so this beast was my first legendary and obtaining it is what really got me into Pokémon

#4 Manaphy While it wasn't my first legendary it is my favorite legendary to this date. The movie is my favorite Pokémon movie thus far and I remember getting my Manaphy and destroying everyone with it.

#3 Squirtle The blue turtle is actually new to my top 5, over the summer I went to a design camp at NC State and while I was there we where split into teams, my team being the blue team, when we where told to come up with a name for our team no one said anything so I spoke up and said the Squirtle Squad everyone agreed and it lead to me making many friends very dear to me.

#2 Totodile My first starting Pokémon ever. Since I saw the starters for 2nd generation I knew that I wanted a Totodile and he brings back found memory's of a time I've forgotten.

#1 Gengar If you know me you more than likely saw this coming ever since I saw Haunter in the show when Ash was trying to beat Sabrina I had an instant connection, as a little kid I was very scared of ghost and seeing Haunter helped me to overcome that fear. I knew that I had to have one in my game when Leaf Green came out I obtained one, and when it evolved into a Gengar I was so happy. It was also the first Pokémon that I leveled up to 100.