WBO Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Results!!

Wow I won! Thank you very much.

I would like two Face Booster Vivids, please.

Those recolors are awesome, too. Great job Mtwo!
WOOOOO guys!
Amazing, thank you very much to everyone, it's been a pleasure to learn more about our site enjoying it!
I've really appreciated your idea! You have organized another amazing initiative. Thanks to the whole Committee, from me and from all the Italian members. We are proud of being part of this great Community.

By the way, I won lots of prizes, and it makes me very very very happy. Thank you and congratulations to everyone!

I'm looking forward for the next Scavenger Hunt Smile

EDIT: and of course, thank you very much and congratulations to Mtwo and dimsum2u for their goodness. We are proud to have members like you in our Community. We all appreciate what you have done for us.
Thank you WBO!!! Grin about the virtual prizes I'd get 2 Face Booster Vivids and 1 Face Booster PURPLE!
Thank again!! Grin
Wow, I actually WON something! I hope I get something useful in the Random Booster. Great job to everyone who participated!

I would like a Face Booster VIVID, and a Face Booster BLUE, please. (14 points)
Could I have a face booster azure and face booster jade please? (10 points) Thought I had 11 though...eh, probably wrong. Anyway, yay face boosters!
I didn't get a physical prize... Congrats to all the winners! I would like a face booster vivid!

EDIT: I change my mind, I want a face booster RED [Image: faceboostercrimson.png] and BLUE [Image: faceboosterblue.png]
Cool, looks like I qualified for a physical prize. Thank you WBO! Congrats to all the winners!

Can I please have the face boosters Vivid and Amber? Smile

I can't wait for the next hunt!
After I looked at the leader-board closely,I realized how lucky I am
bj3rrd and I were on 15 points,
that was close!
Saturday to Sunday,maintainence?for one hour?
Beypoints system gonna be updated finally?
and then,Kai-V said there's an important announcement.I Guess what it is?
Those...recolors...look....puffin...awesome! Too bad I couldn't get one. Oh well at least I get... Two face boosters yellow please!
Sweet! I one a booster! Congrats to everyone who participated and of course thanks to the Mods... Now to the face boosters I would please like a face booster vivid and a face booster purple! Thanks once again to every one who made this possible!
By the way, I would receive 2x Face Booster VIVID + 1x Face Booster YELLOW.
I know, I lose 1 point choosing those ones, but it's fine with me Smile
I may not have gotten a physical prize, but I loved the scavenger hunt! It was pretty difficult, but I had a few more resources at my hands than other people, so I may have gained an unfair advantage, haha. Regardless though, some of those questions (namely the mods and T-Shirt ones) were quite difficult. I wish they were worth a bit more, since they had so many parts to them, but it is what it is. Some of those questions thought, were pretty easy, so the hard questions kinda evened out with the hard ones. I'm glad I also got enough for the face! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

Mtwo, your recolors are nothing short of amazing, as usual. I love your work. And having two there so you can mix and match parts? Genius.

And since I have enough, I'd like a Face Booster Vivid please Smile I wish I had one more point to get another booster, but this is my only chance for Vivid, so I'm set on that.

Can't wait for the next giveaway/anniversary/whatever! XD
Thank you to the WBO Committee who worked hard on this Scavenger Hunt; for the hunt itself, the prizes, and others!

Mtwo's re-colours look awesome! Congratulations to the three that won them!

Anyways, I would like to choose a Face Booster Vivid (-8), Face Booster Azure (-5), Face Booster Crimson (-5), and Face Booster Jade (-5). Might as well use all my points, right ? Smile

(Jan. 25, 2013  9:45 PM)Kai-V Wrote: I can assure you that we have something huge for the Beyblade community up our sleeves, and this comment would definitely be associated with a wink.

Jeesh, just use an emoticon/smiley already! Serious
Wow... I can't believe that I really won the first prize!!! Supaburn
I can't express you enough with words, but this is really really awesome!! Those recolors are really coooooll!! Well done Mtwo!! =) (I guess the pegasis will fly back to Indonesia then =P)
Special thanks to all comittees!! Especially Kai-V! =)
Love this community so much! =D
Also, congratulations to ashton pinto, Galaxy, and the rest of awesome bladers who also won.

(Jan. 25, 2013  8:17 PM)zeneo Wrote: congrats Real Madrid,That Anniversary poster was epic.


(Jan. 25, 2013  9:55 PM)Ingulit Wrote: I'd also say the number of points you get for going to a tournament and getting referrals could use a reduction, as while it's great to encourage that sort of thing, it's sometimes simply not possible to attend one/find that many new members. Because those things were worth so many points, the few who could do them were almost unbeatable without having to do much else in the hunt, which isn't spectacular.

I think their concept is = 4th Anniversary = 4 points for attending a tournament, so all participants will automatically get the 4th anniversary face.

EDIT: Got so excited I forgot to post the face boosters I want :3
Since FB Vivid is limited, I would like 3x FB VIVID + 1x FB JADE. I hope the 3 vivids are Samurai Pegasis WBO ver (so it will match with my BBP WBO ver =D), Poseidon, & Coro Dragon face (<3 Dragooon =D)
WOOHOO! The results are finally in. ANd I'd like Face Booster VIOLET! [Image: faceboosterviolet.png] Thanks for the scavenger hunt!
It's over already...I guess you could time travel.
Sorry if I sound impatient, but when will face boosters be given out? Or is it a secret?
(Jan. 26, 2013  3:05 AM)BeybladePants11 Wrote: Sorry if I sound impatient, but when will face boosters be given out? Or is it a secret?

It will most likely be given out, and announced ..

"Let's make the faces rain" - Kai-V, haha.
I'll take a Face Booster YELLOW Grin

Thanks Committee!
Winning a physical prize and the bonus?! This is all way too much information for my brain to handle. I am pretty sure straight after reading the opening post, I ran to the nearest amount of free space and started spinning around in handstands. Yippee!

First and foremost, thank you so much to the WBO committee, especially Kai-V for keeping track of all the points, for hosting, creating and acquiring the prizes for the scavenger hunt! Thanks to the hunt, I've come to learn more and more about Beyblade and the community behind it. It is truly an honor to be apart of something huge!

Congratulations to Real Madrid, Ashton Pinto and Galaxy for placing in the top three and winning those amazing prizes! You guys better treasure them well, tsk. Also, congratulations to everyone else who received the other amazing prizes!

Amazing work Mtwo on the recolors! It definitely must have took quite a bit of time in order to create those masterpieces. I hope you'll make more later, haa. I want some.

As for the "Hot Prizes", from 21 points, I'd like: Face Booster VIOLET, Face Booster AZURE, Face Booster CRIMSON, and Face Booster YELLOW. Might as well use everything up, eh?

Thank you!
Thanks to the CM's for everything that they have done!!!!
@ Ga’Hooleone, thanks Joyful_2
also a billion thanks to M2 for those awesome recolors, and we actually get two beys Pinching_eyes_2
I am not sure how to choose face boosters

2nd Place: Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F WBO Ver. + BBG-26 Starter Samurai Pegasis W105R²F + Face Booster VIVID
so i already got a FB, then i choose 2 x FB vivid [Image: faceboostervivid.png], 1 x FB JADE [Image: faceboosterjade.png] and 1 x FB CRIMSON [Image: faceboostercrimson.png]
I'll take the face booster jade
Congratz to the Winners!!~

I'll Take Face booster... CRIMSON~
Congrats to the winners. By the way, since I have 10 points ill take one face booster azure and one face booster crimson out of the 5 point faces.