Valkyrie or Spriggan?

I just want to know whether you like Valkyrie or Spriggan.
Well Spriggan
Victory Valkyrie
(Jun. 15, 2019  5:54 AM)Dt20000 Wrote: Victory Valkyrie
Its my #1 favorite because that's the first Valkyrie I had. Smile
I'm a biased anime boi so I'm going with Spriggan!! Specifically Requiem XD
I like Cho z Spriggan
i like both valkyrie and spriggan, all generations.
Pre Dual Layer: Spriggan.
Dual Layer:Victory Valkyrie.
Beginning of Evolution: Legend Spriggan.
End of Evolution: Tie Between Ultimate Strike Valkyrie and Spriggan Requiem.
Cho-Z: Tie Between Cho-Z Spriggan and Cho-Z Valkyrie.