Union Tiger-bird/Satan Angel-dragon (God Bey Design Contest Winner)

[Image: DEviUSbUQAAme0Z.jpg]
(Leaked photos of Tiger-bird and Angel-dragon's combined form)

The long-awaited winner of the God Bey Design Contest. Planned to be released in Fall 2017.
So is this going to be an actual in store release or will it be one of those beys that you order through corocoro
Not sure about the whole gimmick here, but the split design of the layer might give us some clues. Does anyone know what the god ability is?
that design looks imbalanced.it looks like more weigh is on the left side.
Seeing how there's two designs and they have very visually identical splits, my best guess would be that you can switch the halves from both layers.
Maybe the yellow one can change shapes to look like the purple one.
That's a custom bey that somebody made, not the contest winner. I homestly completely forgot about this. Wonder when it'll be released?
(Nov. 04, 2017  3:50 PM)Blasterblader22 Wrote: https://youtu.be/rg3AH6fiOU4 . Is this it or something else ?

Yes that is a mod. By the look of it it is a modified fidget spinner with a modded octo as the driver
this is the winning drawing:
[Image: 23231264_918492208303158_212220757829169...e=5A645FD7]