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Full Version: Duo αeclipse – CoroCoro Beyblade Burst God Design Contest Winner
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[Image: DEviUSbUQAAme0Z.jpg]
(Leaked photos of Tiger-bird and Angel-dragon's combined form)

The long-awaited winner of the God Bey Design Contest. Planned to be released in Fall 2017.


(Nov. 06, 2017  12:18 AM)Grey Bey Wrote: [ -> ]this is the winning drawing:
[Image: 23231264_918492208303158_212220757829169...e=5A645FD7]

(Jan. 12, 2018  4:17 AM)bigdaddyjoe Wrote: [ -> ][Image: DTSYimoU8AUFHj3.jpg]
[Image: DTS9gXLUQAAkiTc.jpg]
[Image: DTS9gXIVMAA5DZi.jpg]

Originally Named: Union Tiger-bird/Satan Angel-dragon
New Name: Duo αeclipse
So is this going to be an actual in store release or will it be one of those beys that you order through corocoro
Not sure about the whole gimmick here, but the split design of the layer might give us some clues. Does anyone know what the god ability is?
that design looks looks like more weigh is on the left side.
Seeing how there's two designs and they have very visually identical splits, my best guess would be that you can switch the halves from both layers. . Is this it or something else ?
Maybe the yellow one can change shapes to look like the purple one.
That's a custom bey that somebody made, not the contest winner. I homestly completely forgot about this. Wonder when it'll be released?
(Nov. 04, 2017  3:50 PM)Blasterblader22 Wrote: [ -> ] . Is this it or something else ?

Yes that is a mod. By the look of it it is a modified fidget spinner with a modded octo as the driver
this is the winning drawing:
[Image: 23231264_918492208303158_212220757829169...e=5A645FD7]
[Image: DTSYimoU8AUFHj3.jpg]
[Image: DTS9gXLUQAAkiTc.jpg]
[Image: DTS9gXIVMAA5DZi.jpg]

Might as well change the name of this tread to Duo Eclipse.
This looks pretty cool! What on earth the gimmick is meant to be is beyond me though. The disc and frame look like 7Star, too.
I feel like the gimmick is switching the halves of the layer but I don't see a switch or any gimmick on the layer that could do that so i don't know
DAAAAAMN, they look real nice! I'm actually pretty sure that the gimmick is the interchangeable halves as the combined picture shows 2 arrows where the 2 halves are placed. When you look at the complete Sun and Moon beys, you can find that line where they can separate too
True! That's actually so cool I wonder if the beys will be seperate or come in one package
So these Beyblades are Burst's Zero-G equivalent?
Yeah I noticed that too! Guess we will have  the God layer Parts Still, 7 And Star are pretty good parts!

This better have THE BEST TEETH or a Sub-God Gimmick that helps it stay together because this things recoil looks INSANE if it has None of those things  (Teeth, Sub God Gimmick) then this will be a horrible Beyblade or if it does have those things then TT And the WBO May have to ban it bc of its OP ness
Quote:I remember from the last thread on the design a beyblade contest, it's like a half and half layer, so I assume the god gimmick is where you can switch the halves of the layer with other halves to alter the performance of the layer.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say while the sun side looks to be spikey and aggressive, I assume the moon side will be more round and passive-designed.

Those are just guesses, however.

I predicted this correctly Grin
I am guessing duo Eclipse is the name of the combined form. what are the names of the uncombined forms?

Golden/Gilded Sol and Silverclad Luna? Just my guesses.
This looks like the Solgaleo and Lunala equivalent of Beyblade. Makes sense, since Takara-Tomy also does a lot of Pokémon mercy too. Hope these releases are gonna be worth the money we'll have to shell out to get them.
Updated the opening post with the new images and updated the thread title.

Such a cool concept for this Beyblade! Looks great.
So, now knowing that b-103 is NOT dE, we can safely say it will be an exusive/limited release?
(Jan. 13, 2018  4:44 AM)Sıon Wrote: [ -> ]So, now knowing that b-103 is NOT dE, we can safely say it will be an exusive/limited release?

Unless if it is one of the new series of Beyblade.
The split gimmick, while interesting is really dumb in my opinion. It's like Synchromes but done differently, and unfortunately, I think Synchromes are better in this case. I will say that modifying the shape of the layer is a really neat idea, and it is actually pretty innovative but it's also impractical. I also don't think this gimmick will be all that solid, like, it could fit together solidly, but I can see the joints breaking, especially the sun one because you can never really tell with gold plastic. Anyway, I'm guessing that since these fit in via sliding into each other, the God chip will act as a stopper to prevent it from sliding open, which is clever. These beyblades individually still look really great, I wish I could get one though.
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