[Toronto, Ontario, 9/22/13] PROJECT BEYHEM 3.0


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High Park (map) - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Beyhem has returned! Toronto Bladers, please join us on Sunday, September 22nd at 1PM in High Park for PROJECT BEYHEM 3.0! Will the Project Beyhem 1.0 Bey-Bandits return? Only time will tell ...

Assuming we have enough attendees, this will be an official WBO tournament, so make sure to get your Blader Passport if you haven't done so already! Or, simply pay $5 if you plan on only attending PROJECT BEYHEM 3.0. Aside from competing for Faces, BeyPoints, and Credits, the prizes will of course be good!

If you're interested, please let us know here so we can start building an attendance list. Hope to see you there!

Also, if you haven't done so yet, please be sure to sign up on the BeyMap! You can use it to find Bladers and also some stores stocking Beyblade around Toronto, and you'll receive updates on upcoming Toronto tournaments via PM. It's much easier for me to contact all of you this way than it is for me to manually create a list of Toronto members, so I would appreciate it if you signed up. Smile

We'll be playing in the shelter where we usually play. If you're coming to High Park via the Bloor entrance, just follow that road down on the right side and you'll see the large building/shelter on the left hand side before you reach the tennis courts. This map has the area we'll be playing in roughly outlined:

[Image: tornamentgrounds1.jpg]

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4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

This event is likely to last at least a few hours. If you can't commit to the entire tournament, you're welcome to come watch and play for fun instead!

5. Listen For Your Username To Be Called

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6. Players Must Meet Regional Product Age Restrictions

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Good luck today guys! Can anyone make a livestream? lol
Even though my launcher broke this was an awesome tournoment
who were the placers?
... Here are the results!

1st Place - Kei

2nd Place - LMAO

3rd Place - HeavenKerbecs

4th Place - JesseObre

I'm not sure what the prizes were... (yet I was with Scott when he bought them, lol.)

We went over to Dufferin Mall and found a couple of Golems, Dragoons, Gargoles, and Griffins. We also found one (Pokémon TCG) Lugia EX tin, but Scott took it. So... :l

I have some footage but I'll upload it later.

I had somewhat improved, with a record of 3 - 5. Not generally good, but getting better!
Congrats To All The Placers! Especially LMAO And HeavenKerbecs Smile Pyrus What Were Your Records? Did You Improve From Last Tournament Wink

Anyways, it was a fun tournament, see you all next tournament!
JesseObre was 4th as well.


Samurai Ifrit. Is that what you wanted?? I couldn't remember for some reason ... :X They had pretty much everything though; even the two-packs with the black Dragoon and the one with red Ifrit.
Hey guys, awesome tournament today! I haven't laugh so hard for a long time, thanks to Jesseobre the crazy judge Grin

And the new peeing clause was great too, I had a good time forming to human wall Tongue_out
I finally got all my footage together, here it is.

I had to film from a distance due to the amount of space bladers needed for launching. Pretty shaky due to it being extremely cold, and stuff wasn't focusing correctly in places. So uh, sorry 'bout that.

(Also not the best quality ever, lol)
Hahaha, nice video pyrus.
dose anyone know when the next tournament is?
(Sep. 24, 2013  9:42 PM)Wally.web Wrote: dose anyone know when the next tournament is?

It hasn't been decided yet. A thread will be posted when it is, but it will likely be in two or three weeks.
Oops, I forgot to post in this thread! I had a really fun time, and I was really happy to place for my 2nd time! Jesse did good too, so Congrats to him!

Also, Kei, can I have some WBO Promo cards, I went to a new school, and so I could advertise the WBO there with the cards, thanks Smile
(Sep. 25, 2013  12:47 AM)HeavenKerbecs Wrote: Also, Kei, can I have some WBO Promo cards, I went to a new school, and so I could advertise the WBO there with the cards, thanks Smile

Sure thing. Smile Kai-V actually gave me a ton of cards back at AN, but I totally forgot that I had them until just recently haha.
To Be Honest I'd Really Want This Tournament To Be On 6th Just Because It's Mine And SamuraiDrago's Birthday 2 Days After Smile
dont make it on the 12th cuz pokemon x and y are coming out that day :3 ill be playing it 3 days straight!
(Sep. 27, 2013  3:28 PM)1234beyblade Wrote: dont make it on the 12th cuz pokemon x and y are coming out that day :3 ill be playing it 3 days straight!

Haha, I somehow forgot about that! I probably won't be getting my copy of Pokemon Y until the 14th though, since I pre-ordered it online. That being said, I talked with JesseObre yesterday and we decided that the tournament will be on Sunday, October 13th. He should be posted the thread within the next couple days.
Ughh Come On Thanksgiving Weekend ;( Please Make It Any Other Weekend Unhappy
ha, i agree with midnightlwbo, because it's thanks giving weekend, and i won't be able to come on october 13th.Unhappy
I agree, the next week after that would be perfect.

My whole family is coming over, and I don't want to disappoint them by going to a Beyblade tournament :p